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Networked and environmentally-friendly

From lightweight portable compressors to E-Power, Kaeser stands out at the NordBau trade show thanks to its innovative compressed air solutions for each and every construction site application. 


As an example, take the versatile new M59 model. Powered by an EU Stage V compliant Hatz diesel engine, it can operate a sandblaster at 10 bar just as easily as it can a breaker at a maximum of 7 bar, thanks to its flexible controller. It is also available as a lightweight version weighing in at just 750 kg, which allows the use of an unbraked trailer chassis. This means that the driver requires no additional trailer licence; a smaller towing vehicle can be selected and the compressor can be unhooked and moved into position by hand.

For silent, emissions-free compressed air production, look no further that the new M250E with 132 kW drive power or the 255E with 160 kW. The drive units in these two portable compressors are powered by Premium Efficiency IE4 electric motors and the airend features the world-renowned Sigma profile, which has proven its worth many times over in industrial rotary screw compressors. Depending upon the combination and the compression stage, the M250E can deliver flow rates up to 25 m³/min at 8.6 bar, with the more powerful M255E delivering up to 24.7 m³/min at 10 bar or 19.9 m³/min at 12 bar. The potential areas of application for these two machines are almost endless: from temporary deployment at industrial sites compensating for peak loads, to permanent operation outdoors, such as sandblasting or providing the air supply for mining operations.

Kaeser has also embraced the main theme of this year's Nordbau exhibition: “The digital construction site”. Visitors will not only be able to get hands-on with the equipment on show, but will also be able to take a look at other machines in far-off locations, thanks to the MOBILAIR Fleet Management tool. This valuable system allows you to view operating data, machine location, compressor workload and maintenance schedule remotely; online and in real-time.

At their usual stand location in Freigelände Nord, Kaeser Kompressoren will be demonstrating how compressed air production on the construction site can be achieved efficiently and in an environmentally-friendly manner, with their Mobilair portable compressors featuring petrol/diesel engines or electric drive motors.