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New 400hp flagship heads enhanced MF 8700 Series

Massey Ferguson, a worldwide brand of AGCO, is proud to announce the launch of its most powerful tractor ever. The 400hp MF 8740 is the new flagship that heads the enhanced, six-model MF 8700 Series, which will make its debut at the SIMA Show, in Paris from 26th February to 2nd March 2017.


Offering powers from 270hp to 400hp, all MF 8700 Series tractors are also equipped with Massey Ferguson’s advanced, new Datatronic 5 terminal, with tablet-style operation that comes complete with automatic steering and a host of precision farming options. Other detailed changes improve productivity as well as increase operator comfort and safety.

“The MF 8700 Series is the pinnacle of Massey Ferguson’s pioneering approach to producing lightweight and powerful tractors,” says Campbell Scott, Director Marketing Services. “Their light weight and high power, provide an industry-leading power to weight ratio. Combined with their enormous strength, this results in a versatile, agile tractor that delivers maximum performance for a wide range of operations.

“With a minimum weight of just 10.8t, the MF 8700 Series tractors are up to 4t lighter than others in this class. This allows them to tread lightly for top work and transport, while the strong design also enables them carry heavy loads or be ballasted up for draft operations.

“When equipped with the new very flexible, Michelin AxioBib2 VF 650/85 R42 tyre option they provide exceptional traction to get the work done faster, while protecting the soil,” he adds.

MF 8700 Series enhanced features

  • New flagship 400hp MF 8740 heads six-model MF 8700 Series. With powers from 270hp to 400hp (max. power) they combine an unrivalled power to weight ratio and superb agility with high power and strength

  • Completely new Datatronic 5 tablet-style touch-screen terminal is fitted as standard, with a full Precision Farming Package option

  • High efficiency six cylinder, 8.4 litre engines deliver high power for all operations, with Engine Power Management generating an extra 30hp for PTO work, to meet high hydraulic demands and for transport

  • Massey Ferguson Manager comprehensive service and maintenance package

  • New Michelin AxioBib2 VF 650/85 R42 factory-fit tyre option improves traction and cuts compaction

  • Standard trailer air brakes improve safety and efficiency

  • Numerous updates, including LED lighting option, enhance operator comfort, safety and ease operation

New flagship heads MF 8700 Series

The new 400hp MF 8740 is a new addition at the top of the MF 8700 Series, which delivers high efficiency, fuel economy and straightforward operation, with enhanced features and reliability.

The nimble MF 8700 Series has an unladen weight of just 10.8t, but the inherent strength allows it to handle heavy loads and offer an impressive maximum permitted weight of 18t.

As well as producing lively performance, the low weight of the 400hp MF 8740, results in a class leading power to weight ratio of just 26.7kg/hp. This delivers superb economy and performance in all operations and, for draft work, it’s easy to mount ballast to the front linkage and wheels.

All MF 8700 Series tractors are equipped with Massey Ferguson’s Dyna-VT transmission, which allows operators to continuously vary speeds to achieve the best work quality. Optimum economy and performance are assured by Dynamic Tractor Management that automatically adjusts the engine speed and transmission for the most efficient operation.

Datatronic 5 puts tablet technology in the cab

The new Massey Ferguson Datatronic 5 terminal puts complete tractor and precision farming control at the operator’s fingertips. Developed by Massey Ferguson’s own in-house team, the powerful terminal’s 9in touch-screen uses the most modern technology that makes it as easy to use as the latest tablet or smartphone.

Massey Ferguson was the first to introduce on-board electronics, with Datatronic control on the MF 3000 launched in 1986. Massey Ferguson engineers have invested those 30 years of experience in creating the fifth generation of this innovation landmark, with Datatronic 5 delivering users an intuitive precision farming terminal, which is straightforward and easy to use to help boost efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Fitted as standard on all MF 8700 Series tractors, ISOBUS compatible Datatronic 5 provides comprehensive tractor and implement control. The clear and concise screen enables operators to access and change settings quickly and instinctively.

With Datatronic 5 users can also opt for a complete Precision Farming Package at the their fingertips with functions and features including:

  • Auto-Guide™ – automatic steering to three levels of accuracy, with a choice of GPS receivers from basic EGNOS through to the most precise RTK systems

  • AgControl™ – provides automatic switching of up to 24 sections as well as running variable rate applications for three separate products. It also shows an as-applied map during operations

  • TaskDoc™ – gather and transfer valuable working data with either Bluetooth®, using the basic version, or remotely using a mobile data SIM with the Pro option

  • AgCommand™ – comprehensive machinery and fleet monitoring using telemetry to provide a continuous link between equipment and an office PC or mobile devices.

Alternatively, the base specification Datatronic 5 terminal is easily scaleable, allowing users to add each element as a separate option, when it’s required, to suit their particular needs.

Efficient and reliable engine power

Latest AGCO POWER six cylinder, 8.4 litre engines continue to employ SCR technology, which is supported by high pressure common rail fuel injection, twin turbochargers and a small amount of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR).

This ingenious design meets the strict new exhaust emission regulations without the complexity of a variable geometry turbo or the need for a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), while also helping to reduce fuel and AdBlue® consumption. The system remains maintenance free.

Massey Ferguson’s vision when it introduced first SCR system, back in 2008, took account of the need for changes to meet future regulations. This means there has been no need for any radical remodelling, which retains the use of the slender, sloping bonnet to provide impressive forward and side visibility.

The Cyclair cooling system, for example, neatly splits the incoming cool air. One flow passes through the intercooler and then is directed over the top of the engine radiator and out though additional new side vents, while the other flow passes separately through the engine and transmission radiators and out through other side vents. This slick design also helps maintain exceptional forward visibility.

A new, larger air filter now employs a venturi dust extraction system, which improves the filter performance and extending its working life by 20%, which helps to protect the engine. Service and maintenance costs are further reduced by new automatic valve setting adjustment.

Manager – the peace of mind package

Massey Ferguson’s industry-leading Manager extended warranty service and maintenance package enables customers to fix the cost of all routine maintenance and repair costs up front, for up to five to years or 6,000 hours (depending on market).

Customers can choose the best package to suit their business, safe in the knowledge the manufacturer-backed warranty provides complete peace of mind. Tractors in the Manager plan benefit from regular servicing by qualified dealer technicians, who carry out preventive maintenance. This minimises the risk of a breakdown and ensures the tractor always operates at optimum performance.

Top traction from new Michelin AxioBib2 tyre option

The MF 8700 Series is one of the first tractors to be offered with the new Michelin AxioBib2 VF 650/85 R42 as a factory-fit option.

The AxioBib2 tyres’ very flexible sidewall design results in placing more lugs in contact with the soil, creating ‘mini tracks’ that lengthen the footprint by 26%, distribute the weight more effectively and improve traction by up to 28%.

Employing this innovative tyre technology enables operators to fully exploit the MF 8700 Series’ ability to generate high power and traction from its exceptional power to weight ratio.

Designed and built to work hard

Big implements are handled with ease by the powerful 12,000kg capacity three-point linkage. Efficiency is enhanced by the use of front-mounted implements on the fully integrated, 5,000kg Cat 3 front linkage option, which can also be equipped with a 1,000rpm-speed PTO.

With Electronic Power Management (EPM) engine power is automatically boosted, by up to 30hp, when the rear PTO is engaged or when the hydraulic demand increases, further boosting tractor performance.

All MF 8700 Series tractors can be specified with 540Eco/1,000rpm or 1,000/1,000Eco speed PTOs, with the economy modes operating at about 1,600rpm to save fuel and reduce noise. In auto mode, the PTO disengages automatically at speeds above 25km/hr and when the linkage is raised.

With its standard Closed Centre Load Sensing system generating a maximum flow of 205 litres/min at 200 bar, the MF 8700 Series delivers the hydraulic power required to meet the demands imposed by modern implements and equipment.

Enhanced features improve safety, comfort and efficiency

To improve safety on the road all MF 8700 Series are equipped with trailer air braking systems as standard, including the ultimate option of an ABS signal for suitable trailers. A new linked pedal sensor also meets new requirements for those travelling faster than 40km/hr.

A new LED worklight package option extends the working day into night, providing bright, clear light for enhanced visibility to the implement, front and sides. New double angle wing mirrors provide a great view behind as well as fill in the ‘blind spot’ lower down to the sides.

Across the tractor, Massey Ferguson has added new details to improve operator safety and comfort, such as integrated, folding steps on the right-hand side and new handrails, in various locations to provide safer, easier access to external items.

A large, new toolbox, is mounted conveniently on the top of the fuel tank on the left-hand side and can be quickly detached to take the tools to the job or to store it elsewhere.

Up in the cab operator comfort is further enhanced by a new leather seat option.

Source: AGCO, Massey Ferguson