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New 5-tonne Stacker from Jungheinrich

At bauma 2013 Jungheinrich is unveiling a new generation of electric counterbalanced forklifts with load capacities of up to five tonnes. Along with the new EFG Series 5, the company is also showcasing its new “S Line”, designed to meet the highest standards of throughput performance.


At the bauma 2013 construction machinery show, Jungheinrich is presenting its newly developed electric counterbalanced forklifts from the EFG Series 5 (EFG 535-550) as well as the company’s new “S Line” (EFG S30-S50). High standards of cost-efficiency played a key role in designing and developing the trucks. “This new truck generation provides outstanding energy efficiency while delivering top performance,” declares Stefan Pfetsch, Head of Product and Portfolio Management for Counterbalanced Trucks at Jungheinrich.

With a load capacity of up to five tonnes, these stackers represent a refinement of the Pure Energy technology concept employed in the EFG Series 4, which was successfully launched last year. According to Pfetsch: “Independent tests have confirmed that the development of this technology concept makes Jungheinrich the de facto benchmark for electric counterbalanced trucks.”

The new technology concept Pure Energy is based on the use of the latest generation of eco-friendly Jungheinrich three-phase AC technology. This represents a further refinement of the coordination between the Jungheinrich original-design motors and their electronic control systems. As Pfetsch remarks: “High-frequency actuation of our three-phase AC motors results in extremely high cost efficiency standards for these trucks.” The spatial arrangement of the truck’s control system reduces to a minimum the length and number of lines needed to connect the various components. The amount of hydraulic tubes has likewise been significantly reduced by connecting components as directly as possible with the hydraulic block.

“S Line” for Particularly Heavy Indoor and Outdoor Operations

The new “S Line” features trucks with up to 600 millimetres of load distance centre, allowing for a substantial increase in residual load capacity. According to Pfetsch: “This makes it easier than ever to use sophisticated attachments!” The new “S Line” has been fitted with an extremely heavy-duty steering axle, designed especially for outdoor operations, as well as with larger tyres. The advantages of the stackers’ additional ruggedness are particularly obvious when it comes to demanding throughput requirements as well as heavy operations both indoors and outdoors.

The EFG S50s comes standard equipped with parameter steering (optional for the EFG 535-550), which is technically based on electric steering. This steering system changes the vehicle’s dynamic steering behaviour based on the operating programme selected. Says Pfetsch: “Apart from a demonstrable increase in efficiency, this enables the operator to steer with outstanding precision.”

Uniform Battery Changing System for All Electric Counterbalanced Stackers

An easy-to-use battery changing system allows for the quick and safe removal of this stacker generation’s 80 Volt battery. To make this possible, the designers combined the SnapFit adaptor with the Jungheinrich battery truck concept. The Jungheinrich SnapFit system provides for a uniform battery changing system for all electric counterbalanced trucks from 48 to 80 Volts, which can be combined with a standard Jungheinrich low-platform stacker which takes on the battery to be changed. According to Pfetsch: “This easy and flexible option also greatly increases the economic efficiency of battery changing.”

Five individual operating programmes offer the user excellent opportunities to match the truck’s performance to the individual case, while the Series 5 stackers consume as little energy as possible, yet as much as necessary. As Petsch puts it: “This too is a substantial component of Pure Energy from Jungheinrich!”

Excellent Conditions for Maximum Operating Comfort

The ergonomics of the new Jungheinrich electric stacker generation have been adapted and optimised as well. The operator can infinitely adjust the height and angle of the slim steering column in a single manual move. A seat-mounted armrest  which is likewise infinitely variable in height and longitudinal direction adds to operator comfort. “All of the primary operating elements are quickly and easily adaptable to the operator’s individual requirements,” emphasises Pfetsch. “This adds up to optimum conditions for fatigue free operation for the driver.”

Other ergonomic operating features include good forward visibility and numerous places to deposit objects — from mug holders and clipboards to slots and trays for paper and smartphones. According to Pfetsch: “This provides enough space for everything the operator needs during a shift for relaxed and effective work performance.”

Jungheinrich ranks among the world's leading companies in the material handling equipment, warehousing and material flow engineering sectors. The company is an intralogistics service and solution provider with manufacturing operations, offering its customers a comprehensive range of forklift trucks, shelving systems, services and advice. Jungheinrich shares are traded on all German stock exchanges.

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