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New 92-102hp MF 5700 completes non-cab Global Series family

Massey Ferguson is proud to announce the introduction of the new Massey Ferguson 5700 Series, completing the family of non-cab Global Series tractors.


The introduction of the MF 5700 Series is an important step providing models with engine power outputs from 92 to 102hp, resulting in the Massey Ferguson Global Series comprising a full range of tractors from 62kW/82hp to 98kW/132hp.

The MF 5700 Series offers a strong workhorse across a full range of applications, providing greater performance in a modern straightforward design, low cost of ownership and enhanced reliability, attributes already proven with the MF 4700 Series and flagship MF 6700 Series.

AGCO Power has developed a completely new four-cylinder turbocharged engine
for the MF 5700 Series to meet the requirements of this power sector while complying with Tier 2 emissions levels.

Sharing many features with the power unit used in the MF 4708, the engine is designed for the greater output required for this power sector. With high torque for good pulling power, these low revving engines provide high performance with low noise and enhanced fuel economy.

The 12F x 12R synchromesh transmission offers 12 speeds laid out over two ranges giving six gears in each. This is of particular benefit in haulage tasks as it reduces the requirement to change range between field and road when pulling away with a laden trailer, further enhancing output.

A Power Shuttle is also available, making the MF 5700 Series ideal for applications requiring constant changes of direction. Optional factory-installed creep gears provide forward speeds as low as 200m/hr.

The MF 5700 Series is specified with a new rear axle installation, incorporating larger, heavier duty castings to cater for the increased loads demanded of tractors in this power sector, and includes electro-hydraulic differential lock engagement for easy operation. The MF 5700 Series is available with a 2WD or 4WD front axle.

Generous lift capacity of 4300kg and Massey Ferguson’s renowned Electronic Linkage Control (ELC) system makes the MF 5700 the perfect partner for high output tillage and seeding implements.

The MF 5700 Series is specified with one mechanical double action auxiliary hydraulic valve with float position and up to three auxiliary valves can be fitted.

Designed to work with a range of implements and attachments, the MF 5700 Series offers 540 revs/min Independent PTO (IPTO) operation and a 35mm x six-spline output shaft. Electro-hydraulic modulated engagement makes for easy operation.

The MF 5700 Series offers a fully ISO mounted Flat Floor platform with ergonomically laid out controls and a mechanically suspended deep cushioned weatherproof seat.

An analogue/digital instrument panel provides the operator with diagnostic and tractor performance information. A folding ROPS frame with sun canopy and operator seatbelt are standard.

The MF 5700 Series is specified with Trelleborg radial tyres, offering enhanced traction, reduced soil damage/compaction and improved operator comfort.

Mike Brown, Market Manager, Massey Ferguson for Africa & Middle East comments: “Following the path set out by the MF 4700 Series for a reliable workhorse which can perform a range of tasks for farming businesses, the MF 5700 Series combines greater performance with low cost of ownership and enhanced reliability. It features Massey Ferguson’s latest engineering technology while remaining totally straightforward to operate and maintain.”

Source: AGCO, Massey Ferguson