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New additions to KRONE's Swadro Rake range

New to KRONE’s line up of twin rotor rakes is the entry level model Swadro TC 640 that rakes 5.7m to 6.4m into 1m to 1.7m swaths whereas the higher capacity Swadro TC 930 model, offers working widths of 8.1m to 9.3m with a swath width of 1.3 to 2.5m


Robustly built, the cardanic rotor suspension system allows the KRONE Lift Tines with their curved ends, to accurately follow the ground whilst lifting the crop as it is being collected, hence minimizing crop contamination from soil and stones, and permitting an increase in forward speed and productivity of 27% without increasing crop losses.

Maintenance-free rotor gearboxes with the heavy-duty and unlubricated Duramax cam track provides excellent tine control and rapid tine lift out from work, resulting in an even box shaped swath, which can increase the harvesting performance. Each rotor is mounted off balance to produce the jet effect, meaning the front of the rotor is first to lift out of work and last to enter, ensuring that the tines will not scratch the ground as they lift and lower, minimising soil contamination of the forage.

Artic-steer running gear with a forward sloping beam and Y gearbox is a stand-out feature on the TC 930 but comes as an option on the TC 640. The transport height for both models is under 4m and there is no need to fold the tine arms.

Both the Swadro TC 640 & Swadro TC 930 feature manual rotor height adjustment which allows the working height to be set by hand whilst stationary. If adjustment on the go is required, then the TC 930 Plus features electric rotor height adjustment. Both methods allow the working height to be set to the mm ensuring efficient collecting of the crop regardless of conditions.

Source: KRONE UK Ltd


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