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New AS-i repeater for long cables

AS-i systems can now be extended up to 1,000 m using the new repeaters from ifm electronic. The device is perfectly suited for installation in small control cabinets and works reliably in the wide temperature range of -25...70°C. The new repeater also features a clearly visible diagnostic LED as well as plug-in terminals. For Safety at Work a fast data transfer is guaranteed. Moreover the improved operating temperature range guarantees longer life.

Operating principle

Repeaters are used for AS-Interface to enable the network cable run to be extended beyond 100 m. Galvanic separation of network segments and independent voltage supplies ensure stability. The 62 participants are provided with a higher total current and the voltage drop decreases.

Features of the unit

The improved performance is packed into the new SmartLine housing. While conventional repeaters usually have a temperature range from 0...55 °C, the new unit from ifm operates reliably across a broad range from -25...70 °C. The improved operating temperature range makes the new unit from ifm a class leader This results in a longer life time thus saving time and money.

Source: ifm electronic gmbh