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With our new, extended product range your application can be made exactly the way you want it. The result is improved ergonomics, efficiency and worker satisfaction.This has been done by four extensions to the product range:

  1. Textiles – choose your fabric, select the colour and discuss the application with us.  Textiles provide an ideal solution for the transport of components which must be protected against scratches; they can also be used to protect the rack against the weather or dust.
  2. Pipe protectors. Carts and racks are very often encased in foam to prevent damage to your production – such as in the automotive industry. Our pipe protectors are made from durable PE form with a sheath of PE; it is impact and wear resistant.
  3. Our new range of customer specific and standard plastic parts, drink holders, plastic slides, tote boxes and many other items adds a new dimension to your applications.
  4. Floor marking systems – hard wearing stripes, arrows, numbers and warning signs means that PEK3 is now your one-stop shop for industrial furniture and related areas.