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New attachments added to the Weidemann range.

The Weidemann attachment range has now been extended with a hedge trimmer and branch saw. Both attachments feature a lightweight and compact design but can still generate significant performance. The hedge trimmer enables branches up of to 25 mm to be cut, and the branch trimmer; up to 100 mm thick branches. Both attachments are available for model 1160 and above, as well as all larger vehicles.


There are also new silage and bale cutting buckets to simplify the handling of animal feeds. The silage cutting bucket has been designed for handling grass and wheat silage, but also enables the transportation of concentrated feed and scrap thanks to the closed bottom of the bucket. The bale cutting bucket is ideal for quickly and easily opening silage bale covers. Its special feature is a gripper which automatically holds the cover and net in place when cutting bales, thus enabling the operator to separate them from the bale content. This means an end to the painstaking and time-consuming process of manually removing the protective packaging.

The range also features a new and adjustable round/square bale gripper, which is ideal for transporting and stacking covered/round and square bales. This model is also suitable for picking up and transporting other goods using a so-called “ripper”, which can be used to quickly and easily loosen compact soil using three strong prongs.

Source: Weideman GmbH