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New cold milling machine W 150 F(i) for high milling performance in tight spaces

The enclosed cabin of the Wirtgen W 150 F(i) provides a comfortable working environment for the machine operator.
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The enclosed cabin of the Wirtgen W 150 F(i) provides a comfortable working environment for the machine operator.


Global market launch in September 2023


The high-performance W 150 F(i) rounds off the top end of the compact milling machine class. With a milling width of 1.80 m, this model is the ideal choice for use on major construction sites with restricted space, for example in inner city locations. Compact dimensions and optimised machine weight for easy transportation predestine this machine for a multitude of different construction site scenarios. In combination with the intuitive operating concept, digital assistance systems and the LEVEL PRO ACTIVE levelling system enable efficient single-handed operation.

Environmentally friendly engine technology from John Deere

The agile front loader with a standard working width of 1.50 m features the latest and currently most environmentally friendly engine technology compliant with EU Stage 5 / US Tier 4 Final exhaust emission standards. The 9-litre John Deere engine offers a maximum rated output of 315 kW and has been specially adapted to meet the particular needs of cold milling applications. It impresses with high torque and simultaneously low noise emissions under all load conditions. The machine’s fuel consumption is also significantly lower, even when delivering highest milling performance and milling to a maximum working depth of 330 mm.

Digital assistance and levelling systems

MILL ASSIST, Wirtgen Performance Tracker (WPT) and the levelling system LEVEL PRO ACTIVE assist the operating personnel and increase milling efficiency. These systems have already delivered clear proof of their potential in the other F-series cold milling machines. In the case of the W 150 F(i), the largest model in the compact milling machine class, users also benefit from higher milling performance, increased efficiency and, thanks to an automatically-generated construction site report, clearly structured documentation of all site-relevant data.

MILL ASSIST for increased milling efficiency

In automatic mode, MILL ASSIST selects the operating strategy with the most favourable balance between milling performance and operating costs. This increases the milling performance while simultaneously reducing diesel fuel and water consumption, pick wear and CO2 emissions. MILL ASSIST automatically controls the engine speed in accordance with the operator’s requirements and, thanks to a wide range of usable milling drum speeds, enables the realisation of a broad spectrum of applications. The lower speed range enables a significant reduction of diesel fuel consumption and pick wear. The upper speed range also enables the realisation of an optimum milling pattern at higher area performance rates.

The operator can also preselect one of three working strategies: ‘ECO’, ‘performance-optimised’ or ‘milling pattern quality’. This makes it possible, for example, to pre-define the required milling pattern quality incrementally from coarse to very fine at the press of a button.

The compact milling machine W 150 F(i) unites high productivity with the advantages of compact dimensions.<br>IMAGE SOURCE: WIRTGEN GROUP

Precise levelling with LEVEL PRO ACTIVE

The LEVEL PRO ACTIVE levelling system is also installed as a standard feature of the W 150 F(i). Developed by Wirtgen especially for cold milling machines, the levelling system features an intuitive operating concept and ensures precise milling results. The machine has an improved basic configuration for the integration of 3D and laser levelling systems and a revised Multiplex system with 3-fold scanning. All sensors and measurement values are displayed in an easy-to-read format on the control panel in order to maximize process efficiency. The system is fully integrated in the control system of the cold milling machine and, as essential machine functions are directly interconnected, enables a high level of automation. 

State-of-the-art cockpit, also available with a fully enclosed operator’s cabin

The operator’s platform is characterised by ergonomically-designed control elements with high-quality haptics and maximum ease of operation. The machine’s laterally adjustable operator's platform ensures an excellent view along the zero side. A camera/monitor system with two to a maximum of six cameras provides an ideal overview of areas that are otherwise hard to see from the operator’s platform. The 5-inch control screen in the multifunctional armrest displays all machine-relevant information. The optionally available enclosed cabin minimises the negative effects of site-related issues such as noise and dust on the operator and provides a comfortable working environment. 

Wirtgen cutting technology reduces toolholder wear

The cold milling machine W 150 F(i) is equipped with the wear-resistant quick-change toolholder system HT22 with the field-proven top part HT22 PLUS. In combination with the new Generation X² round-shank picks, this reduces toolholder wear by up to 25%. Customers benefit from longer pick replacement intervals and the ability to quickly and easily change picks on-the construction site. The quick-change system for milling drums, MCS (Multiple Cutting System), enables rapid changes of the working width and ensures outstanding flexibility.


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