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New Compact Weidemann Telehandler T6027

With the introduction of the T6027 in the 2 x 2 meter class in the course of the year, Weidemann is bringing a substantially modified succeeding model to the discontinued T6025 onto the market. The machine was designed with a 6 m lift height for medium to large agricultural operations and biogas plants. The machine will start in 2016 with upgraded performance parameters and many new options.


The new T6027 is driven by a level III-B turbo engine with 55.4 kW/75 hp. This works by default with DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) or optionally with DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). Therefore, the machine will save fuel, operating powerfully and dynamically. To ensure the operator can work with maximum flexibility and efficiency, 3 new speed stages are available (0–7 km/h, 0–15 km/h and 0–20 km/h) — and 30 km/h is available as an option. The maximum payload could be increased to 2.7 t, which allows the machine to be employed over a wide range of applications.

The award-winning operator assistance system vls (Vertical Lift System) is already well established in Weidemann telehandlers and has been implemented in the T6027. The operator can now even choose between 3 different modes — bucket, stacking and manual mode. This allows for faster loading cycles during each work operation and gives the operator maximum safety.

Additional New Features at a Glance.

The electric pilot-operated joystick and the load-dependent flow distribution (Flow Sharing) enables the operator to work with faster loading cycles, since different movements can be performed simultaneously (raise/lower, extend/retract).

The newly available automatic bucket return is especially practical. The position of the tool-holding fixture is saved by pressing the corresponding button on the joystick. The next time charging the battery, this allows the attachment to return to exactly the same position. The automatic bucket return thus provides the operator with added convenience, comfort and speed during repetitive jobs, such as stacking with pallet forks or filling bins at a fixed height or travelling over high sides with the bucket.

The telehandler T6027 also offers a special feature that is helpful for coupling and uncoupling hydraulically operated attachments: The knob for the pressure release lever of the 3rd control circuit is placed outside on the telescopic arm so it is easily accessible. As a result, different attachments can be changed more quickly and efficiently. This even works when the ignition is on or the engine is running.

The flow rate of the hydraulic oil can be adjusted manually, if necessary, thanks to the "Jog Dial" installed in the machine. The "Jog Dial" is an electronic control element in the form of a wheel you can rotate with your finger for continuous setting. This is advantageous if you would like to use various attachments on the machine and consequently need to readjust the oil pressure when using the attachment. Moreover, you can adjust the quantity of oil incoming at the connections with a continuous operation. Thus, the rotation speed of a sweeper or a snow blower can be adjusted continuously. The operator can consequently work with exceptional sensitivity while conserving resources with machines and attachments.

Contamination of the ventilation grill, e.g. when loading straw, can be counteracted with the reversible fan. The hydraulic motor and pump are designed so that the airflow of the fan can be reversed (ability to be reversed). The grime on the intake surface of the engine hood is easily blown away by simply pressing a knob in the cabin. This protects the engine from damage due to overheating and means the operator does not have to unnecessarily dismount from the vehicle.

The T6027 offers excellent all-round visibility with an especially good view to the right, thanks to a deeply drawn, sloping engine hood. Wherever passages under 2 m are not required, a customer can achieve an even better overview of the total work area with an optional cab elevation of 12 cm. Heating of the cabin side window as well as the rear window is optionally available. This significantly improves the visibility in the winter.

The telehandler is suitable for trailer operation. Various optional trailer couplings are available: from a simple shunting coupler to a semi-automatic to an auto-hitch trailer coupling. The unbraked trailer weight is 750 kg with a braked axle of 3,500 kg, and with two axles braked at 8,000 kg. With hydraulic brake system, a trailer weight of up to 11,250 kg can be moved. A hydraulic connection for connecting a tipper can be added.

In addition, the new T6027 telehandler can be equipped with numerous other options, e.g. three-point rear receptacle, power take-off, central lubrication system, hand-inching or hand throttle and much more.

The T6027 offers many new functions that are helpful and make sense in practical application — a compact telehandler that can be equipped with numerous attachments to take care of the resulting work on the job.

Source: Weideman GmbH

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