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Klaus Meyer, director of Commerz Real Mobilienleasing GmbH Go to photo
Klaus Meyer, director of Commerz Real Mobilienleasing GmbH

New digital opportunities in machine leasing despite the weaker economy in 2020

Klaus Meyer, director of Commerz Real Mobilienleasing GmbH, presents the company's leasing solutions and plans for the future.

“Around 74 billion euros of leasing investments in 2019”, the barometer says ... this is a record figure in this millennium. What do you think of the voices on the "new crisis 20/21”?


Leasing meets the zeitgeist ("spirit of the age", Ed.). Regardless of whether 'use instead of owning' or 'participating in technological progress', our customers' motives are different and therefore the industry has been growing continuously for years. Especially in economically challenging years, leasing has proven to be a stable financing option for medium-sized companies. With a view to digitalization and the topic of sustainability, we also expect a further increase in investments in mobile assets.

Why should our readers lease machines from you?

Around 60% of our approx. portfolios of EUR 4.8 billion are machines and systems. Our customers therefore benefit from our more than 50 years of market experience, among others, in setting rates, assessing residual values and, of course, through innovative contract models. To name a few examples: designs with an open residual value, fixed purchase option or usage-dependent rates (pay-per-use).

The leasing market for non-car equipment still seems to be characterized by a certain lack of transparency – how do you make your services visible to the digital world out there?

Of course, we have been offering our customers online functionalities via our leasing portal for years. Here we create transparency, among other things, through a clear presentation of the relevant contract and property details. We would also like to reach new prospective customers and will probably implement an online leasing calculator on our website at the end of Q2 2020. Test us, we look forward to your feedback.

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