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New Galaxy Radial OTR range: Tires that keep you running with no downtime

HTSR 400 E4/L4 tire
ATG Europe
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HTSR 400 E4/L4 tire

Galaxy, the standard bearer brand for application specific, purpose built tires, has launched today at Intermat 2018 its very first Radial OTR range, specially made to keep pace with the challenging needs of high pressure job-sites.

“Alliance Tire Group prides itself in being a full line supplier of off-road tires for every market. As part of this strategy, we are proud to launch a new Galaxy radial OTR line. Galaxy has a long history of being the market leader for industrial tires covering applications from skid steers to wheel loaders. Now we are expanding our offer to bring solutions using radial technology for our customers” announces Peter Baur, President of Alliance Tire Europe.

The quest for more cost-effective operations at job-sites is compelling tires to deliver high speed and efficiency. Galaxy Radial OTR range fits the bill perfectly. Thanks to decades of expertise of its Mother Company in OTR tire industry, Galaxy is ready to bring to market tires that are aligned with the specific requirements of each machine.

“In maintaining a continuous pulse on the market trend demands, Alliance Tire Group can adopt best practice to promptly satisfy the ever changing market needs. The introduction of the radial OTR aims to satisfy the request for a full fleet solution with a competitive pricing strategy.” adds Simone Hainz, Product Manager for Galaxy in Europe.

Proven innovation and effective solutions for daily needs

What makes Galaxy’s range of radial OTR tires stand out from the other brands? It is the promise of superior performance backed by decades of expertise.

Job-sites are maturing and becoming more challenging, leading to a change in the type of equipment being used, kind of material being handled, the surfaces of work. Galaxy range is specially designed to keep pace with these changing needs and help machines to perform at their full capacities without delays or downtime.

Sturdy construction with customised tread designs provide excellent stability and optimal traction; special tread compounds facilitate smooth functioning for longer cycles with minimum heat build-up; strong carcass protection and superior cut resistance assures excellent durability and reduced downtime: critical jobs can’t afford delays and require dependable partners to achieve results. Galaxy hardworking range of tires are the optimal choice for such high –pressure job sites where business just can’t stop.

A new range of high performance tires to improve productivity and profitability

HTSR 400 E4/L4 – Harsh mining terrain. Heavy loads. Extreme environments. Beat them all without downtime

HTSR 400 is specially built for dump trucks that face extreme environments while hauling heavy loads. High tread depth ensures consistent traction and greater cut resistance making it the more productive choice. The presence of special compound ensures minimum heat build-up while performing longer runs. Superior cut & chip protection with optimized belt design provides excellent durability resulting in reduced downtime.

HTSR 400 E4/L4

LDSR 300 E3/L3 – Dependability that goes on, without stops

LDSR 300 is specially constructed for wheel loaders operating in the toughest environments. Transportation of heavy load demands excellent stability and robustness. Sturdy radial construction coupled with strong sidewall protector provides LSDR 300 superior strength and endurance to withstand challenging terrains. Premium tread compounds ensure excellent protection against lug-tearing and chunking, helping the machine to perform efficiently without any downtime. “S-shaped” tread pattern with stepped lugs guarantees optimal traction and enhanced self-cleaning assuring high productivity.

LDSR 300 E3/L3

MGSR 200 G2 – The best player in the severest, most punishing mining conditions

MGSR 200 is specially designed for grader applications. The unique tread pattern provides improved traction and grip on uneven surfaces. Special compound formulation assures minimum heat-build up and maximum protection against damages. Sturdy construction with sidewall protector provides increased productivity and zero downtime making MGSR 200 the perfect choice as the partner for non-stop work.

MGSR 200 G2

Galaxy radial OTR range is available in the most popular sizes and will be available from Q3 2018.

Source: Alliance Tire Europe BV