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New generation of crawler excavators from Liebherr: R 934 at the Bauma 2019 trade fair

  • The R 934, based on the R 938 platform, is presented alongside an engine which meets Stage V emission standards.

  • Simplified, fast and safe maintenance work for a new dimension of robustness.

  • Further increased machine power thanks to fundamental redesign of the excavator's various assemblies.

  • The R 934 and R 938 models are available with the relevant engines in countries where emission standards regulation is extremely stringent or less stringent, or in countries where such regulation does not exist at all.

Since the start of the year at Liebherr- France SAS in Colmar (France), production of the latest generation of earthmoving crawler excavators has been under way: The "Generation 8". This new stage is predominantly characterised by even greater power, even higher productivity and even more comfort for the operator. The new R 934 model (based on the platform of the R 934 and R 938 models) is presented at Liebherr's trade fair stand alongside an engine which meets Stage V emission standards. Like all models in the new generation, the Liebherr crawler excavator, launched in 2019, also boasts numerous improvements.


The "Generation 8" stands out with a new design which was presented back in October alongside the other models in the series (R 922 and R 924). The team of developers from Colmar completely revised the basic concept to further increase comfort, safety and performance, and to achieve even better ergonomics in operation.

A specific platform

The R 934 presented at the Bauma 2019 trade fair complies with Stage V emission standards and, together with the R 938, is based on a specific platform developed by Liebherr-France SAS. The R 934 and the R 938 have an operating weight of 35 and 38 tonnes, and achieve a power of 200 kW/272 hp and 220 kW/299 hp. The backhoe bucket capacities vary from 1 m3 to 2.5 m3 on the R 934 and between 1 m3 and 3 m3 on the R 938. The R 934 and R 938 models are available with the relevant engines in countries where emission standards regulation is extremely stringent or less stringent, or in countries where such regulation does not exist at all.

In combination with the engine that meets Stage V emission standards, the R 934 is positioned between the R 936 (launched in 2015) and the new R 938. The R 938 in turn replaces the R 946. With regard to the engines that meet Stage IIIA emission standards and the engines for unregulated markets, the new position of the R 934 is now between the R 934 C and the R 938. The R 938 succeeds the R 944 C.

An extremely wide range of equipment and tools makes the R 934 and R 938 crawler excavators very versatile for earthmoving, levelling, digging, loading and even lifting tasks.

Higher power with lower consumption

The digging forces and tractive forces of the undercarriage and the swing torque of the uppercarriage have been significantly increased compared to the previous generation. Thanks to these improvements, the R 934 and R 938 crawler excavators achieve a much higher level of performance on construction sites.

At the same time as launching this new generation, the construction equipment manufacturer also developed a new equipment concept. The load curve and inertia of the swivelling drive have been optimised to reduce fuel consumption.

The R 934 and R 938 models are also available with various, particularly robust x- shaped undercarriage types, including a new WLC undercarriage, which guarantees the high stability required for especially heavy-duty use. The crawler chassis are completely maintenance-free and the track rollers feature permanent lubrication. Lastly, the automatic central lubrication system makes it possible to maximise both component service life and productivity.

Greatest possible comfort and maximum safety

A particularly spacious, temperature-controlled cab is available to the operator. To make work particularly convenient, the excavators feature pneumatic seats with vertical and longitudinal suspension and a high-resolution, extremely user-friendly 7" touchscreen. The windscreen can be fully lowered.

LED technology has completely replaced the halogen headlights, increasing the operating life and reducing the electricity consumption – and all this with improved lighting. The range of lighting is available in the form of separate packages, with the LED+ lighting package, which is available as an option, representing the most high- performance solution.

The completely unobstructed panoramic visibility and the monitoring cameras at the rear and sides ensure maximum safety in the driver's work environment. The folding console makes entering and exiting the cab easy and safe. The certified ROPS cab structure provides particularly effective protection in the event that the crawler excavator tips over. The rear window serves as an emergency exit on all configuration versions of the excavator. The windscreen and right-hand window are made of tinted laminated glass.

Simplified and even safer maintenance work

Access to the uppercarriage and platform has been extended and redesigned for even greater safety when performing maintenance work. The steps are now positioned at the side and come as standard or are available as an option depending on the country of distribution. The R 934 and R 938 crawler excavators boast a new maintenance concept with maintenance points that can be accessed from the ground. The engine oil, hydraulic oil, fuel and urea levels are also shown on the display.

Source: Liebherr-France SAS