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The largest wheel loader models from Wacker Neuson with an operating weight of six or seven tons... Go to photo
The largest wheel loader models from Wacker Neuson with an operating weight of six or seven tons...

New generation: The wheel loaders WL60 and WL70 from Wacker Neuson

The two largest wheel loader models from Wacker Neuson WL60 and WL70 with an operating weight of six or seven tons are now available with new engines and additional options. They thus meet the current exhaust emission standards, offer customers even more comfort for efficient and fatigue-free work and increase productivity.


Both wheel loaders WL60 and WL70 with bucket volumes of 1.0 and 1.1 cubic meters manage even difficult applications, thanks to their sturdy and powerful load arm design - with the highest lifting height in their class. Three new Perkins engines are now available to choose from for the wheel loaders: The 55 kW version corresponds to exhaust standard stage IIIB. The 75 and 90 kW versions correspond to the emission standard level IV. While the known DPF technology is used with the 55 kW versions, the exhaust after-treatment with a diesel oxidation catalytic converter (DOC) is realized with the two large engine versions in combination with an SCR catalytic converter (selective catalytic reduction). The urea solution, also called diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), is injected after the DOC, mixed with the exhaust fumes and reacts in the SCR catalytic converter. A current and extremely efficient engine technology is thus used.

Wacker Neuson wheel loaders WL70 in action

 The pollutant emissions could be reduced even further by the new engines. In this way, customers can also easily carry out their work in the urban sector. In addition, they benefit from an economical fuel consumption. In addition, the air duct in the engine compartment was revised: The air is now extracted in the rear, which is also supported by the new design of the engine cover. An air cleaner with an integrated cyclone separator protects the engine and reduces the need for service in that it cleans the intake air of coarse dirt particles already at an early stage. Both wheel loaders have a high level of stability thanks to the optimal weight distribution. An improved braking effect is achieved by the use of a braking system with disk brakes. This provides increased safety while operating the machine, which especially pays off in the urban sector.

A 3.5-inch color display with more functions and clearly arranged control lights makes work easier for the operator. The "jog dial" press-push button also provides added comfort: Once the flow rate of the hydraulic oil has been set for a certain attachment once, this can easily be recalled time and again when necessary at the push of a button. The oil quantity setting is particularly advantageous when the machine is driving a hydraulic attachment that does not need the full hydraulic performance of the machine, such as a sweeper for example. The operator can thus work with the machine and attachment very sensitively and in a resource-conserving way. The 100% connectable differential lock engages when necessary in order to work reliably on difficult terrain. The result: maximum propulsive forces with excellent traction. During normal driving operation, the lock is not enabled so as to protect the tires from unnecessary wear, but also to protect the ground surface.

Wacker Neuson wheel loaders WL70 in action

Large choice of options

An extremely practical option is available with the 40 km/h version. This makes it possible to move the machine between two application sites quickly and also makes working with attachments and transporting material even more efficient. Thanks to the wide variety of hydraulic options, the two wheel loaders are real equipment carriers and can thus be used very economically. The most powerful high flow system in this wheel loader class pays off when attachments are used that require an increased hydraulic output. This makes it possible to easily operate a snow plow or asphalt milling unit for example. Using a hydraulic quick hitch system, the different attachments can be easily replaced from the operator’s seat. In addition, different versions of rear hydraulics are available as well as a large selection of tires for any application.


In the design and development of the wheel loader, great value was placed on economic efficiency: high quality materials ensure a long service life. Economical fuel consumption reduces operating costs. A good maneuverability guarantees quick loading cycles. And an uncomplicated maintenance saves the contractor time and money thanks to the fold-down cabin – because the customer and his/her benefits are always the focus. Wacker Neuson therefore offers the right solution for any challenge and customer requirement. With the finely tiered range of wheel loaders, in-depth advice, a large selection of attachments and comprehensive services, Wacker Neuson is a reliable partner and makes everyday work easier for its customers.  

Source: Wacker Neuson SE


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