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New Hamm compactors: H-Series models in 11 -16 t range and H 25i VC with crusher drum

At CONEXPO, the German manufacturer Hamm is doubling its offering of H series compactors with eight new models weighing 11 – 16 t (22,000 – 32,000 lbs), operating with Tier 4i-compliant engines. Amongst them, there are two types especially designed for rental purposes. Another masterpiece of innovation is the new H 25i VC. This compactor is equipped with a highly versatile crusher drum that is able to simultaneously crush and compact a wide variety of construction and mineral materials.


New model H 25i VC can crush and compact

The new H 25i VC (25 t / 54077 lbs, 160 kW, Tier 4i) completes compaction and rock crushing in one work step – saving time and money. VC stands for Vibration Crusher, because the drum uses its vibrating, tool-equipped drum to crush and loosen rock and concrete.

Its special toolholder system can accept a wide range of tools. A total of 150 quick-change toolholders are welded to the drum. There the tools can be attached in a few simple steps. Hamm offers a range of tool types for earth and rockwork tasks. It can even be used as a padfoot roller. When changing tools, the solid carbide picks and padfoot attachments are levered out of the holders without damaging them. They can be reused a number of times until they are worn out.

Future-proof technology

With three new basic models H 11i, H 13i and H 16i (4-cylinder engine) and the H25i VC (6-cylinder engine), Hamm is expanding the successful H series of compactors at CONEXPO 2014. The “i” in the name stands for “intelligent emission control”, meaning that these machines are powered with future-proof internal combustion engines with extremely low pollutant emissions, meeting the requirements of Tier 4i. All models are powered by Deutz diesel engines. With an output of 105 kW resp. 160 kW, the engines provide sufficient reserves even for demanding applications in difficult terrain. Intelligent airflow allows operation in ambient temperatures of as high as 50°C / 120 °F.

The new models come with an innovative air filter, which is extremely simple to clean and replace. They also provide as standard a secure storage space below the engine cover in which to keep a toolbox for example.

Easy manoeuvring, efficient compaction

The Hamm three-point swivel joint enables the new H series compactors to deliver outstanding manoeuvrability with optimum stability. Thanks to the design of the side panels and cross members, the compactors can tackle large slope angles in both forwards and reverse. The front slope angle of 45° allows to operate the rollers safely even in exceptionally uneven or steep terrain.

Good clearance between the cross member and roller drum prevents cohesive material from building up on the frame. In addition, V-scrapers in front of and behind the roller drum continuously remove any accumulated material.

All models feature a high static linear load, e.g. more than 50 kg/cm (3.616 lbs/ft) in the case of the H 16i. So they are extremely well equipped for fast, efficient compaction with deep action.

Impressive range of roller drums

In all three new weight categories, the compactors are available with smooth drum, padfoot segments or padfoot drum. The 13 t (26,000 lbs.) machine will also be available with a VIO drum, capable of compacting with either vibration or oscillation. Moreover, the types H 11ix and H 13ix compactors with canopy roof and carefully chosen optional equipment will be available for rental purposes. These two models use a DOC system to ensure clean exhaust gas, all the others provide an after-treatment system with DPF.

Comfortable compaction

In the new H series models, drivers reach the platform resp. cabin via a gently curved access way with three large steps. They sit on a highly ergonomic seat, using an operating console and a steering wheel, all freely adjustable. Even tall drivers will find the ideal working position for a healthy posture. A drawer below the seat provides additional storage space. The new lunchbox holder (option) is the ideal spot for a cool bag thanks to the 12 V electrical socket.

The frame structure and the slender engine cover offer a clear view of the ground to be compacted. The exhaust does not intrude either, as it is cleverly integrated into the structure. To illuminate the working area, Hamm offers optional low-energy, long-lasting LED working lights as well as a main headlight with low beam and additional full beam. Reversing cameras are also available as a safety feature (option).

The important displays and operating elements are positioned on the operating console for easy access. Clear symbols and logical layout facilitate intuitive operation. At the same time, all of the displays are language-neutral.

Opulent standard specification, many variants and options

Hamm equips all H series compactors with a top-class specification including the Hammtronic machine management system. It optimises the traction and compaction performance while simultaneously reducing fuel consumption.

A new feature is the optional telematics interface. It can be used to transfer data for fleet management purposes as well as for remote diagnostics or as protection against theft. Customers can also opt for the HCQ Navigator, a system that enables precise, even compaction as well as comprehensive compaction control. A new HCQ function also enables simple data export in conformity with the American analysis software “Veda”.

The configuration variants for the new H Series models in brief


Smooth drum

Padfoot roller drum (P)

VIO drum

Exhaust gas cleaning

H 11i





H 13i





H 16i





H 11ix





H 13ix






The new compactors with 11 – 16 t (22,000 - 32,000 lbs.) operating weight are equipped with a 105 kW output engine; they have a drum width of 2.14 m / 7.02 ft.

Source: Wirtgen GmbH