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New Holland previews MyPLM® Connect VITI at SITEVI 2023

New Holland Agriculture Europe
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  • New Holland introduces MyPLM® Connect VITI, a new mobile app tailored for vineyard management, at SITEVI 2023, offering features to optimize daily operations and support vinegrowers.

  • The MyPLM® Connect VITI app is the first free mobile application that displays worked surfaces for machinery and implements across all brands, enhancing connectivity and real-time tracking for vineyard operations.

  • Precision Land Management specialists from New Holland will showcase the app's functionalities and advantages at the exhibition in Montpellier, France, highlighting its accessibility to both New Holland customers and other farmers.

  • Attendees of SITEVI 2023 have the opportunity to sign up for upcoming trials and demonstrations of MyPLM® Connect VITI by filling out a form on a dedicated web page.

  • The app, currently in beta, will be available for free to users with a MyNewHolland account, offering three levels of management: Track, Trace, and Map, to accommodate various vineyard configurations and activities.

  • MyPLM® Connect VITI integrates with a marketplace, Viti Partnership, providing users with additional services for specialty crops, including soil operations, fertilization, irrigation, risk and weather forecasting, and labor management.

  • New Holland aims to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of vineyards, contractors, and cooperatives through the launch of MyPLM® Connect VITI, providing farmers with insights to make informed decisions for their businesses.

  • Extension of MyPLM® Connect App is dedicated to specialist needs of vineyards

  • Applicable to vineyard enterprises

  • The first free mobile app to display worked surfaces for machines and implements regardless of brand

New Holland has chosen SITEVI 2023 to offer a preview of the new mobile app dedicated to the needs of specialty crops plantations.


New Holland’s Precision Land Management specialists will demonstrate the digital solutions offered by MyPLM® Connect VITI on the brand’s stand at the exhibition in Montpellier, France, demonstrating the functions and key benefits it offers to any farmer, whether or not they are a New Holland customer.

The show will also offer the opportunity for visitors to fill a form on a dedicated web page and apply to be selected and take part in trials and demonstrations in the upcoming months.

The app, which is currently in a beta version, represents an extension of the current MyPLM® Connect app, and will be available for free on online. It will be accessible to all users with a MyNewHolland account.

The aim of MyPLM® Connect VITI is to allow daily operation management to be optimized for use and help support vinegrowers in the management of their vineyards, using improved connectivity that enables real-time machine tracking, data transfer between machines and the app and use of its agronomic data so customers can manage their entire operation as its activities are happening.

The solution includes three different levels allowing to manage all vineyard configurations: Track, Trace and Map. The first of these allows the worked rows to be monitored directly from the smartphone through the app using a dGPS embedded on any machines. With Trace, all operations of a single machine or of a connected fleet can be managed, and daily work can be organized to create activities and task plans. Finally, with Map the full data from any machine connected to MyPLM® Connect can be monitored and recorded using GPS-accurate data captured through RTK+ technology. As a real digital campaign notebook, you can trace history of your vineyards including field data, notes, activities, machine trips, agronomic and more.

Moreover, users of MyPLM® Connect VITI have access to a multitude of specific services for specialty crops thanks to the connection to a marketplace, Viti Partnership, feeding our field app with additional possibilities to better manage plant activities, soil operations, fertilization, and irrigation, in addition to risk and weather forecasting and labor management.

New Holland’s aim in launching MyPLM® Connect VITI is to enrich its offering in digital solutions and technology to help boost vineyards, contractors and cooperatives’ efficiency and sustainability, while also providing farmers with better insights into their operations, their crops and their work, so they can make the best possible decisions for their businesses.

Source: New Holland Agriculture