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New Komatsu PC4000‐11 Hydraulic Mining Shovel With “Tier 4 final” engine

Komatsu is one of the largest mining equipment manufacturers in the world. Its broad product range includes dump trucks, dozers, wheel loaders, excavators and hydraulic mining shovels. With the new PC4000‐11 hydraulic mining shovel, Komatsu meets the US EPA Tier 4 emission standards ‐ currently the highest worldwide.

Low Emissions


Komatsu launches the latest update of its products: the Komatsu PC4000‐11 diesel Tier 4. With a new exhaust after treatment system, the machine meets the Tier 4 final emission regulations. The Tier 4 emission values are one of the lowest values required by law. These standards are required in northern American countries and will also soon be the EU stage IV emission standard on the European market. The new engine with the selective catalytic reduction (SCR), higher fuel efficiency and low engine emissions level EPA Tier 4 extend the current service intervals.

Easy Maintenance

Speaking about maintenance introduces the next improvement: With extended oil change intervals and easier and safer machine access, the maintenance effort is lower than ever before! The new 45° access systems allows the operation and maintenance personnel an easier and much safer access to the machine. The stairways to machinery house level, as well as the stairway from machinery house level to cabin now occur with greater simplicity.

New Emergency Egress System

Equipped with three emergency exits on two sides of the machine and also one emergency exit hatch from the machinery house to the roof ensures a high safety standard for all operators on the machine. Located on the cab side as well as the opposite side on the machinery house, this stable ladder is mounted in two pieces as a flip down. The anti‐slip surface ensures safe egress.

Cabin and Lighting System

Newly standardized for the cabin is the special impact resistant front window, which has a thickness of 19 mm, giving protection the operator. Another plus of the latest update of the PC4000 is the new lighting system. It consists of the latest LED technology with high performance working lights. This light provides better visibility during darker hours for the operator.

Monitoring Systems and Machine Control

The KOMTRAX Plus 2 system – which is a reliable and long proved Komatsu feature – provides real time information about the operating status of the machine.

KOMTRAX Plus 2 monitors all data for a quick and efficient handling directly in the operator’s cabin and as well as this, a new standard is the simplified electrical system. Komatsu controllers reduce nodes and provides redundancy in the electric system for more efficiency in the mine.

One further highlight of this machine is the fundamentally improved machine control. It based on a redundant CAN‐Bus system in combination with Komatsu controller. The tailor made controller, which are harmonized with the Komatsu hydraulic pumps and the engine, provides an optimum in performance and reliability. In addition, the redundant CAN‐Bus system is one major point of the machine safety concept. With the compliance of the European Machinery directive, Komatsu Germany provides a high level of safety.

New Feature – KomVision

KomVision offers a 360° bird’s eye view for safer operation. The whole machine is viewed from above during working. A monitor in the operator’s cabin shows the full view of the machine and its surroundings. The operator is additionally able to select one of the cameras for a detailed view of a required area with a 10 inch touch panel.

Source: Komatsu Germany GmbH