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New lift revolutionizes the rental industry

A new 24 meter aerial access platform by TIME International will allow users with a standard driver’s license access to worksites previously reached exclusively by larger and heavier lift vehicles.


The latest aerial access platform from TIME International redefines the 3.5 t GVW class of lift vehicles targeted the rental industry. A new special boom design grants operators access to a large work area from a lightweight vehicle that does not obstruct traffic making it the obvious solution for work in crowded inner city environments.

Free for all

The vehicle, a Versalift VTX-240 mounted on a Mercedes Benz Sprinter or a Nissan Cabstar, can be operated by users with a regular driver’s license because the combined weight is less than 3.5 tonne. A new world of opportunities arise for those users who will now be able to reach working heights of up to 24 meters – as well as an up and over reach of 11 meters vertically up and 12.5 meters horizontally out due to the new boom design. Two 3-stage telescopic booms with a revolutionary patent-pending moveable knuckle in between gives the lift the best outreach in the class.

“The two telescopic booms will allow users access directly up and over buildings which makes the lift perfect for compact city centres where larger lifts will have a difficult time setting up without shutting down traffic,” says Axel Rask, Sales Manager at TIME International.

 The two telescopic booms combined with the moveable knuckle will furthermore provide access to work sites below ground level making the vehicle suitable for light inspections of bridges and quay edges along harbour fronts.

High quality alternative

No corners have been cut even though both the lift and vehicle is compact, flexible and mobile. The booms are fabricated out of high strength steel which, combined with two sets of extendable H-shaped outriggers, ensure safe and stable work environments for operators.

“Lift operators will experience a more stable and safe work experience in the cage as it will not sway to the same extent as it would in a cheaper product,” says Axel Rask.

Advanced technology

The technological innovations are not limited to the boom design. The electrohydraulic controls are the most advanced controls in the 24 meter 3.5 t GVW segment. Numerous smart functions assist operators setting up and extracting the booms from and to the drive position making both functions possible by the touch of a button.

“The smart functions allow operators to spend their time and energy doing the work they are intended to perform in the cage,” says Axel Rask.

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