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New Managing Director at Omme Lift A/S

Danish access platform manufacturer Omme Lift A/S have commenced the gradual retirement of the current directors and owners, Harry Lorentsen and Torben Lorentsen, by appointing Axel Thøgersen as new managing director.


The change will secure that Omme Lift A/S remains a strong business partner as well as ensuring company continuity.   

The new managing director, Axel Thøgersen aged 47, comes from a leading position at Nissens A/S and has also had similar assignments with Grundfos A/S.

“Becoming a part of Omme Lift and being able to build on the strong foundation that Harry, Torben and the organisation have created is a fantastic opportunity. I look forward to develop Omme Lift further together with its many committed employees,” says Axel Thøgersen.

The new managing director takes over officially on April 16th, 2018.

Harry Lorentsen and Torben Lorentsen will retire gradually.

Harry Lorentsen will continue as area sales manager for Germany and the Netherlands to ensure a smooth transition for the new M.D. until the end of the year. From 2019 and onwards he will proceed as an active member of the Omme Lift board and as a part of the Omme Lift GmbH management in Germany.

Torben Lorentsen will also gradually step down from the daily management. He will continue as area sales manager for France, Norway and Sweden until 2020. From 2020 and onwards he will focus only on working at the Omme Lift board of directors and as a part of the management of Omme Lift Sarl in France.

A 112-year old tradition is discontinued

For 112 years the managing director has been a Lorentsen. This tradition will be discontinued, however, the Lorentsen ownership and the local community pedigree is maintained. The Lorentsen family remains strongly represented in the company.

Source: OMME Lift GmbH