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New Massey Ferguson 20 model MF FL Front Loaders handle loads with ease

Massey Ferguson, a worldwide brand of AGCO, is proud to announce the launch of the new generation MF FL front loader range at the SIMA Show, in Paris from 26th February to 2nd March 2017.


Designed and built by the world’s leading loader manufacturer in close co-operation with Massey Ferguson, the MF FL Series handles the most demanding tasks and is available with an advanced in-cab terminal, which includes dynamic weighing.

MF FL loaders set the new standard for visibility, strength and control. All models deliver increased lift capacities to greater heights and wider implement operating angles. The 20-model MF FL loader range offers a wide choice, including three new models, ensuring they are a perfect fit for all the latest Massey Ferguson tractors from the MF 4700 through to the MF 8700 Series. The new, logical model designations, for example: MF FL.4220, denote lift height – 4.2m, and capacity 2.0t.

“The new MF FL range will further strengthen Massey Ferguson’s leading position in the loader tractor market,” says Campbell Scott, Director Marketing Services. “MF FL loaders combine robust operation with improved visibility, durability and reliability. At the same time the new loaders deliver improved suspension and control.

“Massey Ferguson’s strong and agile tractors include many exclusive specialist features, such as multi-function joysticks, unrivalled transmission controls and high hydraulic flowrates, which makes them ideal partners for these new loaders.

“Together, Massey Ferguson tractors and the MF FL loaders are an unbeatable combination that offer superb materials handling ability at the fraction of the cost of a dedicated handler and with tractor cab comfort, visibility and control,” he adds.

MF FL Loader features

  • MF FL loaders are the perfect partner for Massey Ferguson tractors, which are equipped with specialist features to enhance loader operation, control and visibility

  • Massey Ferguson’s novel, multi-function joystick option delivers unrivalled control of the loader and tractor transmission functions

  • In-cab monitor option improves precision providing load weighing, loader position monitoring and loading cycle data

  • Three new loaders join the range to match tractor developments, with a total of 20 self-levelling and non-self levelling models, suitable for use with tractors from 75hp to 400hp (see details below)

  • All MF FL loaders deliver increased lift capacities and greater lift heights with wider implement operating angles to match modern trailers and trucks

  • Curved arm design improves strength, durability and visibility

  • New hydraulic system improves efficiency, safety and comfort as well as visibility from enclosed pipework

  • Quick, safe and easy loader and implement attachment with well proven systems.

MF FL loaders are the perfect partner for Massey Ferguson tractors

With the introduction of the new MF FL loader range Massey Ferguson is further extending its leading position in providing the perfect tractor and front loader combination.

Unimpeded visibility over sloping bonnets and the Visioline roof option for optimum visibility combine with superb manoeuvrability and SpeedSteer option for safe and easy operation in confined spaces.

Control is further enhanced with the ‘brake to neutral’ feature that automatically selects neutral when the brake is depressed, which means the operator needs to use just one pedal.

Higher hydraulic flowrates, generated by the combined flow option, available on many Massey Ferguson tractors, speeds up lifting and lowering, which leads to more efficient operation. Shuttling forwards and back is simple thanks to the left-hand PowerControl lever, which changes direction without the use of the clutch.

Further easing operation is the exclusive Massey Ferguson Multifunction joystick option, which allows operators to control all the loader functions as well as change direction and gears with a single lever. Mounted neatly as an integral part of the operator’s armrest, this enables operators to control the both the tractor and loader using just the right hand.

In-cab loader monitor

A new dealer-installed in-cab terminal option increases loading precision enabling operators to weigh loads, monitor loader positions and receive service reminders as well as control an optional lighting kit.

Many farm businesses will benefit from weighing loads during operations and storing records using a neat, integrated system. For example, weighing each bucketful will improve precision when using total mixed rations (TMR) or being able to log exact load weights when selling bulk produce off-farm.

The integrated system doesn’t interfere with loading operations and, as well as weighing the load during lift cycles, it can store totals and export records to a USB memory stick.

Operators can also monitor implement angles and loader heights on the screen, as well as set and store reference positions. The screen will also display maintenance warning messages, operating hours, load cycle counts and even display faults.

Users who take the LED loader work light option can also operate these through the terminal, or by a separate switch in the cab.

Three new loaders boost choice

20 models in the Massey Ferguson MF FL range are designed for use with tractors from 75hp to 400hp. A choice of 16 self-levelling, parallel linkage models offer lift heights from 3.5m to 5m and capacities from 1.5t to 3.3t. Four non-self levellers, handle loads of 2.2t to 2.7t and go from 3.5m to 4m.

Three new models join the range: The MF FL.4220 has a lift height of 4.2m and a 2t capacity and provides extra lift height for the new MF 5700 SL Series. For the MF 6700 and latest MF 6700 S tractors is the new MF FL.4621 that can take 2.1t to 4.6m, while another new model, the MF FL.5029, can be mounted on the larger tractors right up to the MF 8700 Series and can lift 2.9t to 5m.

Modern design improves visibility and operation

Developed to match the capabilities of modern tractors, the MF FL Series replaces the existing MF 900 Series. Providing greater lifting capacities and between 7cm to 14cm more lift height, they also have a longer reach and wider implement angle to help tip over the sides of increasingly larger farm and truck trailers.

Angling the crosstube 15 degrees towards the tractor, and positioning it lower down the curved arms, has increased visibility by 30% (when the loader is at 450mm above the ground).

All implements now also have a larger, 58 degree, crowd angle (at 70cm), which allows buckets to filled to optimum levels without spillage. Greater dump angles up to 57 degrees also enable loads to be tipped more easily.

Robust construction enhances durability

A new stronger loader arm is made from 80mm profile steel and built on a fully automatic robot welding line, which produces precise and consistent construction. Cast and forged arm ends and linkages, which support the pins in bushes, further enhance strength and durability.

New, stronger pins are all galvanised, which prevents corrosion for a longer life and they are bolted in place to prevent turning. All grease nipples are accessed from the outside, making maintenance simple and easy.

The subframe’s 30mm thick uprights support the loader beam in a casting, which is machined after welding to increase precision and minimise the risk of play in the joint.

Uprated hydraulic components are designed to handle the flow and pressure loads generated by modern tractors, with larger pipework and rams to optimise the flow. This increases efficiency by reducing pressure drops and heat build-up.

Hoses are all protected under covers, which reduce the risk of damage and the SoftDrive suspension components are protected inside the crosstube. Other hydraulic components, mounted externally on the tube, are encased under a strong cover to reduce the risk of damage.

Larger accumulators, combined with the higher flow hydraulic system, have also doubled the SoftDrive boom suspension travel, greatly increasing comfort for operators and protection for the loader.

Well proven loader and implement attachment

Massey Ferguson MF FL loaders and their implements are mounted quickly, safely and easily with well proven practical connection systems.

All MF FL loaders are mounted and locked onto the tractor with the advanced, semi-automatic Lock & Go system, which provides effortless attachment. Simply drive the tractor into the parked loader, connect the hoses, tilt the implement back and the loader locks itself into place.

Green indicators confirm it’s secured and the spring-loaded parking stand simply swings into its work position.

The HydroQuick connector option provides fast coupling of all the hydraulic hoses, locking the two halves together with one movement of a lever. The SelectoFix option works in the same way for connecting the hoses to the implement tool carrier.

Implements are mounted with ease using the standard Clic-on system, which holds the pins in their retracted position when the tool is detached. After attaching an implement and ‘crowding’ it back, the pins lock into place, automatically. A new side handle doubles as an indicator to show it is locked.

Source: AGCO, Massey Ferguson