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New robust slurry incorporator

We are launching a new 4.5 m wide, very compact and robust slurry incorporator, ST3 450 HD, in the effort to offer a wider range of different sizes of incorporators that satisfy the request from many countries in Europe. The new incorporator will be released for full sale July 2016. See the new ST3 450 HD on Agritechnica 2015 in hall 22, stand A21


The ST3 450 HD slurry incorporator works as a normal stubble cultivator mounted directly on a tractor. Mounted on a slurrytanker it therefore do two jobs in one operation. It both fertilize and cultivate the soil.

The compact and strong design ensures that it can work in all types of soil. Also, hard soil with clay.

The high tines and the three bar frame design allows a lot of plant residue to pass through the incorporator. The ST3 450 HD can be used in all types of stubble fields where the straw has been removed or efficiently cut by strawcutter on the harvester.

A rising demand for incorporators

The environment legislation push towards a more frequent use of slurry incorporators and injectors. But actually, this is not just a good idea to do to protect the environment, and reduce the smell of slurry. The farmer will achieve a better usage of the nutrients in the slurry, because incorporating and injecting the slurry reduce the emission of nitrogen compared to applying slurry with a splash plate or drip hose boom. When incorporating and injecting the slurry in to strings/slits in the soil, the slurry gets no access to the air and the plants get a better access to the nutrients in the slurry. Both factors should result in a higher yield.

SAMSON AGRO have specialized in slurry incorporators and injectors. They have a working width from 6 to 12 m. But with the ST3 450 HD we show, that we are also able to build a smaller incorporator, that maybe are not that common in the market today, but that SAMSON AGRO see a demand for in the coming years. The ST3 450 HD incorporator does not require a big tractor, and it suits the many two-axle slurry tankers that are sold in many European countries.

New developed telescopic system

The ST3 450 HD incorporator from SAMSON AGRO is build on a completely new compact construction. It is a simple frame without any folding mechanism – but with a telescopic function to expand the width. The incorporator weight 1.750 kg, which is a relative low weight.

With this new telescopic system, the frame and tines can be compressed in to a width of 2.99 m. This allows road transportation in all countries.  . The telescopic function is very easy and safe to use. The two drawings show how the incorporator can be expand from transport position to working position.

High tines

The incorporator is equipped with the heavy duty tine known from the CMX incorporator from SAMSON AGRO. This high and strong tine gives a ground clearance under the frame of 73 cm.

The wear tip on the tine is 20 mm thick and 60 mm wide.

The working depth of the incorporator can be variated from 5-22 cm.

Height adjustment

The ST3 450 HD uses big and wide wheels to control the working depth. The wheels secures that the machine runs steady in the field and carries the load on a big surface to avoid harmfull soil compaction. The big wheels also give a low rolling resistance which reduce the use of energy. The tire dimension is 26”x12”. The height of the wheels is adjusted on each wheel with a handle.

Following harrow

To even the surface of the soil the ST3 450 HD incorporator are using hockey-sticks/following harrow. They are effective to move the soil and covers the slurry strings/slits very efficiently, without having to work deep in the soil with the tines.

The hockey-sticks can be adjusted in height and angle. This gives the user the possibility to optimize the levelling function to the situation. The amount of plant residue on the field and the humidity in the soil and type of soil. When the hockey-sticks can be adjusted in angle, it is possible to optimize the wear of the hockey-sticks and the wear of the wearing parts on the tines.

Facts about ST3 450 HD:

  • Light, robust construction

  • No folding mechanism, but a telescopic function

  • HD (Heavy Duty) tines and frame

  • High clearance and space in the frame

  • LED lights

  • Suitable for small tractors

  • Never results in negative drawbar load on a SAMSON AGRO slurry tanker

  • Low cost

  • Low wear and long lifetime on wearing parts