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New Triple Mower Conditioner from Kubota optimises on productivity and performance

Kubota unveils its newest member to its extensive line of mower conditioners with the new DMC6087N. A mower combination that provides efficient performance with its 8.75m working width paired with a low weight design of only 2130kg.

High Capacity in a Compact Package


The DMC6087N has been designed with ease of operation in mind. In fact it is an uncomplicated butterfly combination purpose built to lower operating costs in terms of power and fuel consumptions, with power requirements starting at only 150hp. Equipped with 2 x 3.18m mowing units, both fitted with 8 triangular discs and nylon tines the Kubota’s new triple mower conditioner is geared for productive work days.

Accurate and Simple Suspension Provides Value for Money

The mowing units are centre suspended via a suspension spring, to give an even weight distribution across the complete mower width. Fast and precise adaptation to ground contours is also achieved because of the centre suspended design. The DMC6087N can be provided with hydraulic setting of ground pressure, easy to accurately adjust ground pressure, even on the go.

Kubota’s Non-Stop BreakAway solution protects the cutterbar from foreign obstacles. If hitting an obstacle, the BreakAway device will swing the machine backwards and over the obstacle and automatically return the mower to working position, when the obstacle has been passed. A smart and uncomplicated solution with no time lost.

The Features that Matters

Kubota DMC6087N is packed with features that matters, giving it the professional characteristics needed when adjusting the machine for changing conditions. Wide spreading vanes are standard fitted and conditioner speed can be set at either 600 or 900 by simply turning the pulleys. To ensure optimal overlap between front and rear units, the mowing units can be mounted in two positions on the suspension arm.

Vertical Parking Feet for Convinient Storage

The DMC6087N comes standard with integrated parking feet for easy and convenient parking, requiring a minimum space during winter storage.

Source: KUBOTA (Deutschland) GmbH