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Noblelift Europe GmbH Celebrates 10 Years Anniversary

On the 24th August, Noblelift Europe GmbH celebrated its 10 years anniversary.
Mr. Sebastian Hüther, Executive Director Noblelift Europe explains:
“The founding of the branch for the European market here in Germany was a very important strategic step for Noblelift Equipment Joint Stock to become the important and reliable partner on the European market.
Specifically for an Asian brand, even today, this is not a common practice.
A further essential milestone was the set- up in the year 2010 of a spare parts centre in Germany to fulfil the demand for quick spare parts delivery.
Storing meanwhile more than 6000 articles, we can today deliver around 75% of the common spare parts for the most sold products from our warehouse in Germany.
On request, the parts on stock are available within 24h in central Europe.
Since beginning of this year, we are supporting our dealers by providing selected electric trucks from stock for start-ups, launches or to bridge shortcuts in deliveries.
This is extremely important for new or smaller customers, which are not able to import containers so frequently.The activities are completed by supporting and consulting the European customers in technical and marketing questions as well as in European market analysis.
With these activities Noblelift Equipment Joint Stock is well placed on the European market to further strengthen its position on the European Market.”Sebastian Hüther & the Noblelift Europe Team