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NOVACAT V 9200 CF: New model for merging swaths without a conditioner

NOVACAT V 9200 CF for perfect swath placement
PÖTTINGER Landtechnik Europe
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NOVACAT V 9200 CF for perfect swath placement


  • Pöttinger introduces the NOVACAT V 9200 CF mower with the CROSS FLOW system for merging swaths without a conditioner.

  • The CROSS FLOW auger allows forage to be deposited in various configurations, enhancing versatility.

  • The system is designed to be cost-effective, lightweight, and requires low power, making it efficient for fuel savings.

  • The closed trough shape of the CROSS FLOW system ensures gentle handling of forage, minimizing losses and dirt ingress.

  • The NOVACAT V 9200 CF is suitable for use on grassland and with whole plant silage.

The Austrian agricultural machinery manufacturer Pöttinger launched a revolution in mowing technology some years ago, making it possible to merge swaths without using conditioners. CROSS FLOW is the name of this cost effective system. A cross flow auger is integrated into the mower to deposit the forage either merged into a swath, or spread over the working width of the rear mower, or as a wide swath to one side. CROSS FLOW is now also available for the NOVACAT V 9200. This mower combination features impressively low weight and a low power requirement.

Feedback from the field was the basis for this development, following demand for a cost-effective and straightforward system for merging swaths. CROSS FLOW works without a conditioner and is characterised by its low weight compared to conventional swath merging systems. This technology ensures optimum conservation of the forage and soil, as well as the running costs, thanks to the fuel savings.

CROSS FLOW swath merging <br>IMAGE SOURCE: PÖTTINGER Landtechnik GmbH

And, without a conditioner, the forage is handled extremely gently. Thanks to the closed trough shape, the forage is transported directly from the sward to the swath. This prevents forage losses, minimises dirt ingress and avoids disintegration losses.

The NOVACAT V 9200 CF with CROSS FLOW auger can be used very effectively on grassland as well as with whole plant silage.

Source: PÖTTINGER Landtechnik GmbH