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Number of Cargotec shares increases through subscription with stock options 2010A on 4 November 2013

A total number of 800 new Cargotec class B shares have been subscribed for with stock options 2010A between 8 July and 14 October 2013. The entire subscription price of EUR 15,216.00 will be credited to the reserve for invested non-restricted equity. This means that Cargotec's share capital remains unchanged. The amount of class B shares after the subscription is 54,787,091.

The corresponding increase in the number of Cargotec shares has been entered into the Finnish trade register on 4 November 2013, as of which date the new shares will establish shareholder rights. The shares will be traded on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki together with the old class B shares as of 5 November 2013.

The share subscription period for stock options 2010A will last until 30 April 2015. Each stock option entitles to subscribe for one new Cargotec class B share.

The terms and conditions of stock options 2010 with additional information are available on Cargotec's website at

Source: Cargotec