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Olimac DragoGT

Olimac: continuous innovation

Olimac s.r.l., world leader in the design and fabrication of corn heads, presents at EIMA its corn heads, DragoGT and Drago2 (Hall 29, Stand C11).

For more than sixty years, Olimac has been fabricating machinery exclusively for corn and sunflower harvesting. This specialization is unique in the sector and has allowed the Company to focus on research and continuous technological patented innovations, obtaining machines of superior quality and performance that optimize and simplify the work of farmers and contractors.

DragoGT. Welcome to the Club of high performance

DragoGT is the only corn head in the world provided of suspension and self-adjusting deck plates (Olimac World Patents).

Suspension deck plates: a special suspension device absorbs the impact of ears on the same plates, avoiding losing kernels, and ears do not bounce out.

Self-adjusting deck plates: deck plates open automatically and simultaneously according to the different size of the stalks. This automation works on each row independently. Operator does not need to make any adjustment.

These exclusive features allow a perfect stripping of the stalk and a total harvest, without losses of kernels and ears. Productivity grows.

Longer stalk rollers: DragoGT is equipped with longer stalk rollers compared to normal corn heads. The peripheral rotation speed is lower, allowing the ear to separate gentler from the plant.

DragoGT - Double Stalk Chopper Scissor Effect, double shuttering of the stalks Unique in the world, DragoGT is equipped with a Double Stalk Chopper: there are four blades working on each row, two on each side, but with opposite rotation, like a scissor (Olimac World Patent). Chopping is much finer if compared to all the other stalk choppers and the product decomposes more rapidly on the ground.

DragoGT can harvest all down corn

Hyper-dimensioned auger: DragoGT is equipped with a new hyper-dimensioned auger (Ø 500 mm, the biggest in the sector) allowing higher forward speed in down and dry corn, so to avoid obstruction and loss of kernels. Lateral augers and low profile construction allow a total harvesting even when corns are very low-lying or hanging.

DragoGT is equipped with spiral bevel gear pairs of automotive origin, allowing a total power transmission.Olimac Drago2

DragoGT, Born-Winner

Olimac’s new corn head already won the Technical Innovation Awards at EIMA Bologna, Fieragricola Verona, FIMA Saragozza and Savigliano Fair.

Drago2 - The intelligent corn head

The high-performance corn head DragoGT comes up beside Drago2, the very famous “Intelligent Corn Head”, champion in sales and today even more performing.

The corn heads of Drago range are available from 4 to 24 rows, fixed or foldable and they can be used with any type and brand of combine harvester and self-propelled shredder.

Drago Gold - The super performing sunflower-sorghum head

The latest Olimac realization is Drago Gold, the only sunflower-sorghum head equipped with super performing mechanics for total harvesting without losses. Drago Gold is equipped with an hyper-dimensioned auger (Ø 500 mm, the biggest in the sector) allowing higher forward speed and avoiding all obstructions and loss of product. Another important feature is the security clutch protecting the auger operation.

Olimac, the only complete manufacturer

Olimac is the only Company in the world which designs and builds all the corn head parts inside its own plant. This primacy implicates a complete qualitative control of all production phases and the creation of a product with superior performance and durability.


Source: Cavallino Service