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The SENNEBOGEN Crawler Crane 2200R and 643R telescopic cranes complement each other on the jobsite Go to photo
The SENNEBOGEN Crawler Crane 2200R and 643R telescopic cranes complement each other on the jobsite

One customer, two complementary activities, two SENNEBOGEN product ranges

THIBAULT SA and TBI are two construction companies based in the town of Foucarmont in the Paris region Seine Maritime département run by the family of the same name. The two entities are complementary in their activities and offer their customers a wide range of solutions in standard or prefabricated construction depending on their requirements. True to the SENNEBOGEN brand, TBI just took delivery of its new 2200R - Series E crawler crane, currently working at the "Parc Vendôme 2" business park job site in Lesquin, Northern France.


Historically, THIBAULT SA has worked in traditional structural construction for more than 100 years. Faced with a rising trend amongst its customers to build rational industrial buildings quickly, the company partnered with Willy NAESSENS to create TBI - Thibault Bâtiment Industriel in 2010. Today, the two entities complement each other:

  • Thibault SA pursues the traditional construction activities inherited from the family business

  • TBI is actively expanding construction of prefabricated concrete structures

In continuous operation since seven years:

The SENNEBOGEN Crawler Crane 2200 E

As part of its development, TBI decided to approach SENNEBOGEN in 2011 for the acquisition of its first new tracked lattice crane. The company chose the 2200R model with a capacity of 80 tons and a main boom of 37 meters. Ideal for prefabricated building assembly projects, this crane is used in all lifting operations and displacement of loads on building sites. "In seven years of operation, the SENNEBOGEN has never returned to base. It was delivered on a job site and since then has moved from one site to another without a break!" states Benoît Thibault, CEO of TBI.

2200 E

Convincing on every jobsite:

The SENNEBOGEN Telescopic Crawler Crane 643 E

In 2016, the 15-year old self-propelled crane in use for THIBAULT SA’s traditional structural work needed replacement. Naturally, the company turned to SYGMAT and SENNEBOGEN. After reviewing construction site typologies, the range of working methods and the essential requirement of being able to transport the crane quickly, THIBAULT SA chose the 643R mobile telescopic crane. The versatility of this new machine immediately appealed to construction crews and provided the company with maximum flexibility in managing its work. In addition to the lifting tasks on THIBAULT SA construction sites, the 643R is also regularly solicited to assemble smaller prefabricated buildings.

Requirement: Moving loads of up to 5.5 t within a range of 27 m


To cope with the growing needs in the field of industrial, agricultural and even services sector buildings of prefabricated design, TBI is now expanding its offer through the acquisition of a second 2200R - Series E SENNEBOGEN crane. The structures offered by TBI based on Willy NAESSENS prefabricated components result in even bolder architectural concepts that still meet thermal requirements and the latest fire safety standards. To follow the trend in terms of lifting resources, it was necessary to have a suitable crane: the new TBI 2200R is equipped with a 40-meter boom topped off by a luffing jib of 13 meter. "In this configuration, we can lift up to 5.5 tons at 27 meters," says David BAUSSARD, the crew chief who broke in his new crane at the site of the future "Parc Vendôme 2" business park in Lesquin, located near Lille. The operator also noted the high level of comfort in the new maxcab, a feature of the latest-generation SENNEBOGEN 2200R crane: "It's only a few centimeters longer, but its optimized interior layout makes the driving space even more ergonomic and comfortable."

Source: SENNEBOGEN Maschinenfabrik GmbH