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One device - all data well under control

With this small box, you can keep an eye on the functions and data of your machine.
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With this small box, you can keep an eye on the functions and data of your machine.

IMAGE SOURCE: Teubert Kommunikation; Rösler

Rösler´s new EQTrace OPT tracker ensures comprehensive data acquisition of construction machinery, equipment and vehicles.


Rösler EQTrace OPT enables you to record and display the position, the travelled distance including unloading points, operation times, battery data including deep discharge, anti theft protection, servicing and inspections. This also includes RFID access control, damage indication alarm, winter road maintenance and the digital service log book. The new Rösler EQTrace OPT offers the entire range of such data collection. It lets you keep track of your excavators, loaders, compressors, forklifts, trucks, service vehicles, work platforms, and many more, on your PC or smartphone. You can choose between one, several or all options for your data evaluation. Your choice determines the system price.

Simple, robust and precise

The installation of the robust EQTrace OPT is simple and fast, as always with Rösler. Once it has been connected to the battery, data acquisition and transmission can begin, at minus 20° centigrade or plus 70° centigrade. The standard recording cycle of the Rösler EQTrace OPT includes position, travelled distance, operation time, battery charging time, battery condition and deep discharge. As an option, four digital channels, an output to switch off machine or function, shock sensor, RFID access control, theft protection, machine file, service monitoring, data export and winter road maintenance can be selected. The actual location of the machine, vehicle or device is recorded via GPS. Such an excellent prerequisite helps to precisely determine the enroute control, working position or resting position of the machine.

Data transmission

Circuit diagrams, maintenance reports, photos, appointments and much more can be stored in the service log book. If required, they can be accessed via Obserwando  mobile with a service technician´s smartphone or laptop. This makes it easy for him to work on site. RFID access control uses a RFID card and a reader. It thus makes it possible to ensure that only authorized personnel use a machine. Everything that has occurred during the verifiable operation period can be precisely assigned to the respective person. Non-authorized use of machinery or vehicle is therefore excluded. A further example of the extensive range of EQTrace OPT is the enroute monitoring. Departure time and in-between stops are marked in colour and displayed on the map stating the exact time. The entire route is also displayed. The position is recorded every minute, as is the speed travelled. Rösler EQTrace OPT thus ensures to you a complete overview of your machines.

Source: Teubert Kommunikation; Rösler

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