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OQTR-E – Completely new tiltrotators from Oilquick

OilQuick's biggest news this year is, of course, the launch of their new tiltrotator series, OQTR-E. OilQuick has launched it as ”Doubly world-leading” and ”The best of both worlds”. When you know the background of OQTR-E you will understand why.


OilQuick and Engcon are two well-known players. OilQuick is a world leader in fully automatic quick coupler systems and Engcon is a world leader in tiltrotators and accessories for excavators. "The companies have had a close collaboration for some time, but we have now chosen to extend it further. One can either behave like our competitors, make the decision to copy products, or one can be like us and collaborate in order to achieve success", says Henrik Sonerud, CEO of OilQuick AB.

"Engcon and OilQuick complement each other and we are convinced that we will help each other to strengthen our leading positions, as regards both fully automatic quick couplers and tiltrotators" comments Stig Engström, owner and founder of Engcon AB. Through this collaboration with Engcon, Oilquick broadens its tiltrotator offering to multiple manufacturers. "It is important to point out that it will still be possible to obtain tiltrotators from other manufacturers", says Henrik.

All models will be available in all countries where OilQuick has sales at present. The series has 5 different models for excavators from 6 tonnes up to 33 tonnes. Production is in full swing and several consignments have already left the factory. At ConExpo you will be able to see the new tiltrotator together with several other products. OilQuick will be on stand F2876.

OQLS – The world's safest quick coupler system

OilQuick takes safety in the workplace very seriously and a great deal of work goes into delivering the safest quick coupler systems on the market. For the last five years we have offered the OQ-Locksupport (OQLS) electronic monitoring system, which is the market's most advanced safety system for excavators. OQ LockSupport 2.0 is now being launched, which offers new sensors, improved wiring and completely new software. All existing safety requirements from the authorities were already met, and the new version will of course follow suit. OQLS guides the operator through the entire attachment switching process, standardises operation of the locking function and provides the operator with information via a cab panel. OQLS is available for two quick couplers in ”Sandwich versions”, i.e. above and below the tiltrotator.

Several new innovative safety solutions from OilQuick

OilQuick has even introduced an innovative fall protection system – OQSH, which prevents the hazard of attachments dropping around the machine. In the event of careless or incorrect coupling by the operator, OQSH´s safety hooks catch the attachment in all positions. OQSH can be compared to a safety belt in a car, which automatically deploys in the event of an incident or risk of personal injury.

As a further supplement, OilQuick has also introduced a mechanical lock indicator – MRL, which clearly informs the operator whether the coupler's locking plungers are in the locked or unlocked position. NOTE! MRL indicates that the attachment is correctly connected and locked ONLY when the locking plungers are in the correct position under the frame pin.

OQLS, OQSH and MRL are independent safety solutions that can be used independently or in different combinations with each other. OilQuick is the only company on the market that can offer this wide range of safety solutions. Head to stand F2876 at ConExpo to find out more about new innovative safety solutions. 

Growing North American market

OilQuick has been active in the North American market for quite a few years now. Several years of steady sales growth have meant that the business now has an established sales organisation, spare parts supply and aftermarket management. OilQuick is represented in a number of areas across the entire North American continent and is growing continuously. 

A number of sales people, service personnel and also a demo machine where everyone can see the products ”in action” will be onsite at ConExpo.

OQC with new and improved rotator

OQC is an OilQuick developed quick coupler system for pendulum-mounted attachments, primarily intended for use on material handling machines and loading cranes. The system consists mainly of an extremely robust rotor, which is mounted above our fully hydraulic, proven quick coupler and allows unlimited 360 degree rotation. The OQC unit is pendulum-mounted on the material handling machine's stick and the system can also be equipped with an electric swivel to control a magnetic plate. Johan Schedin, Salesperson at OilQuick explains:

"We recently launched a greatly improved coupler system for those who work with pendulum-mounted attachments. We have replaced the rotor with a completely new and better one. The couplers are available in two sizes, OQC65 and OQC70/55 with maximum lifting capacities of 20 tonnes and 30 tonnes"

"We have thoroughly tested the systems with customers for a long time and we have sold a number of installations. The results are impressive. Strength, safety, reliability and performance meet all the requirements imaginable. It withstands all environments and is smaller and lighter than before. At ConExpo we will be displaying the smaller of the models".

Johan lists the advantages of OQC:

  • Lightning fast, secure coupling - Easy and safe swapping of hydraulic, mechanical and electrical attachments directly from the cab. Maximum profitability and flexibility - Use of the right attachments at the right time makes the machine a versatile tool carrier. In this way, the carrier machine can be used to its fullest and the processes optimised.

  • Optional integrated electric swivel – Use of magnetic plates without extra manual cable routing from the machine to the magnetic plate.

  • Maximum flexibility – All attachments can rotate 360 degrees unrestricted with aid of the rotor.

  • Environmentally-friendly – Minimises oil spills when swapping attachments. Individual use – Wide selection of attachments, as well as the possibility to use special designs. Can be equipped with OilQuick Locksupport (OQLS) – a user-friendly operator support system for secure and safe attachment swaps.

  • OilQuick – The original, with more than 29,000 systems sold world-wide! Tried and tested in practice in thousands of installations over more than 25 years!

OQTR-N – A cylinderless tiltrotator with OilQuick's fully automatic quick coupler system.

Experience and innovation have led to one of the most advanced tools in the industry. OQTR-N is based on the well-known, cylinderless NOX-tiltrotator technology. Continuous 360° rotation and a tilt angle of 2 x 50°.

Together with OilQuick's fully automatic quick coupler system OQLS, you get a complete aid to streamline and maximise your everyday life. Hydraulic and electrical tools can be swapped in a few seconds without having to leave the cab. To see our cylinderless tiltrotator, visit stand F2876 at ConExpo where it will be on display.

  • Maximum visibility around the tiltrotator, thanks to there being no protruding cylinders, work can be carried out more smoothly and the risk of accidents is reduced.

  • Due to there being no protruding parts, excavating with narrow buckets in confined or deep shafts is made easier, while the risk of damage to protruding cylinders is eliminated.

  • High stability and long durability thanks to a specially cast housing with all hydraulics integrated.

  • Continuous 360° rotation and a tilt angle of 2 x 50°.

Source: Oilquick AB