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Oscillation available for compact rollers: Hamm adds models to the HD CompactLine

In Las Vegas, Hamm is presenting four newly developed oscillatory rollers in the HD CompactLine. So now the roller manufacturer, who invented the Oscillation technology, is offering the environment-friendly and cost-effective compaction solutions also for his most compact machines. Moreover, Hamm is also showing new items of optional equipment such as driver’s cabs and chip spreaders.


Hamm dominates the compact tandem roller market segment worldwide with the HD CompactLine. Now with a total of 16 models, it is the largest model range in the sub-4.5 t (-9,000 lbs.) weight category on the market.

New: four models with oscillatory rollers

Thirty years after Hamm built the first oscillatory rollers, this intelligent technology is now making its debut in the sub-4.5 t (-9,000 lbs.) weight class at Hamm. A total of four models with Oscillation technology are available, identifiable by an “O” in the name: HD 10 VO (2.6 t / 5,500 lbs), HD 12 VO (2.8 t / 6,000 lbs.), HD 13 VO (4.0 t / 8,800 lbs.) and HD 14 VO (4.4 t / 9,500 lbs.). All of them are equipped with one oscillatory and one vibratory drum.

The advantage of Oscillation: It achieves a rapid increase in compaction because the oscillation drum directs tangential thrusting forces into the material to be compacted while remaining constantly in contact with the ground. The combination of continuously acting static load and changing dynamic shear forces in the material brings about a faster, better and more gentle compaction. Moreover the amplitude and in turn the compaction power adapt automatically to the stiffness present. Hamm achieves this effect without electronics, but through intelligent application of the laws of physics.

Wide application spectrum for oscillatory rollers

The new Hamm rollers with one oscillatory and one vibratory drum undoubtedly increase compaction speed and quality. Applications can be found in urban centres for example. The reason: oscillation drums can compact dynamically even on narrow construction sites, because this compaction technology does not disturb buildings or pipework below the road surface through vibration.

Oscillation also optimises compaction at joints to existing road surfaces, because it does not damage the cold asphalt. So the compaction on small jobsites will be more effective than before when using oscillatory rollers.

During the compaction of thin layers on tack coat or spray seal, the high compaction speed makes a noticeable improvement. A further plus point in favour of oscillatory rollers is that they also work very efficiently on cooled asphalt.

Last but not least, oscillatory compaction also optimises many landscaping applications. Water-bound path surfaces or asphalt cycle paths can be compacted significantly more efficiently with the new rollers then heretofore.

New 1 m (3.5 ft)-machine: the HD 10C VT combi roller

Another CONEXPO first is the HD 10C VT, the smallest combi roller in the CompactLine with a working width of 1.06 m (3.5 ft.) and operating weight of 1.5 t (3,500 lbs.). It comes with permanent all-wheel drive as standard. This distinguishes it from all other compact rollers in this size and gives it outstanding gradeability in all situations.

New options: Drivers’ cab and chip spreader

Hamm has developed a fully-enclosed driver’s cab for the largest models in the compact class, the HD 13 and HD 14. The panoramic cabin features full height glazing and provides an outstanding overview of the construction site. Hamm has also thought about many other niceties and safety features: heating, radio, screen wipers, four halogen front headlights (H9) and two rear spotlights are some of the cab options.

With their own chip spreaders for the CompactLine, Hamm offers a perfect complement to the rollers for repair work on motorways or other heavily used roads. The linear spreader has stepless adjustment and is operated from the driver’s seat. Its diffusion grill produces a remarkably even distribution pattern. The chip spreader is available in two spreading widths: 1 m (3.28 ft) / 200 l (53 gal) or 1.20 m (3.95 ft) / 240 l (63 gal). Mounting is easy with a forklift truck and the mounting point close to the machine frame ensures a favourable weight distribution.

Drum lighting and hinged scraper for more quality and safety

Hamm has included an extremely bright drum lighting in its programme for the entire CompactLine. The environment-friendly LED lighting brings good illumination to the working area. This is an important quality and safety feature, as the compact rollers frequently work at the end of the roller group in poorly illuminated areas.

Another new option for all CompactLine models is the spring loaded hinged scraper. It keeps the drums clean while compacting and can be hinged out of the way by means of a foot pedal for replacement or cleaning – it couldn’t be easier!

Source: Wirtgen GmbH