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PALFINGER – already connected to the future

Digitalization and service at BAUMA 2019

  • Telematics solutions: PALFINGER Connected – Fleet Monitor and Operator Monitor

  • Smart Boom Control

  • New PCC crawler crane series

  • New TEC models in the 25–37-tonne-metre class

  • New SLD models in the 20–25-tonne-metre class

  • Heavy-duty cranes: PK 135.002 TEC 7 and PK 200002 L SH

  • Prototype presentation: PK 58.002 TEC 7

  • Electrification at PALFINGER:

    • First electrically operated access platform: P 370 KS E

    • E-crane (prototype) for use by public authorities: PK 18502 SH

  • PALFINGER access platforms:

    • New models in the Light class NX: P 220 BK and P 280 CK

    • New models in the Smart class: P 130 A and P 200 AXE

    • New model in the Tracked class: P 250 AJTK

    • Insulated access platform with 14-metre outreach

  • Solution for the recycling industry: hookloader PH T 20 TEC 5 in combination with EPSILON M12L


PALFINGER has for many years been 'ALREADY CONNECTED TO THE FUTURE' and a driver of innovation in the field of Customer Lifting Solutions. In keeping with this motto, PALFINGER will be at BAUMA 2019 to showcase the latest developments and innovations in the field of digitalization and service all under one roof. The main aim here is to demonstrate just how much digital technology of the future is already packed into PALFINGER's high-tech solutions – from the PALFINGER Connected telematics solutions for optimising crane capacity utilisation (Fleet Monitor and Operator Monitor) and sophisticated control and assistance systems for access platforms and cranes, to augmented-reality support with Smart Eye, which allows service technicians anywhere in the world to communicate with HQ.

So just like at IAA 2018, PALFINGER's trade fair stand at BAUMA 2019 will feature its own dedicated space for digitalization and service, where visitors can experience cutting-edge innovation up close. Special virtual reality (VR) simulators, for example, will give visitors the chance to operate the latest PALFINGER products such as the modular crawler crane, the PK 135.002 TEC 7 heavy-duty crane and PALFINGER access platforms and experience for themselves all the benefits in a virtual space. There will also be an additional VR crane simulator featuring a top seat, an electronic joystick control system and the new HPSC-Plus LOAD system. This feature detects the current truck load, thereby making it possible to increase the outreach of the loader crane. Trade fair visitors will also have an opportunity to explore the interface and benefits of PALFINGER Connected telematics solutions along with all the latest developments in the field of PALFINGER service.

At BAUMA 2019, PALFINGER will be showcasing more than 20 different installations on two trade fair stands covering a total area of 1,900 m2.

The future has already begun

The digital transformation and a high degree of agility are key that PALFINGER always has one foot in the future. For our customers, this means that we never stop enhancing and refining our products so that they are even easier to handle, can be scheduled even more efficiently, feature even smarter technology to facilitate maintenance and are even safer to operate. This interplay of factors can be seen in the fully comprehensive PALFINGER Connected telematics system, which comprises two applications: Fleet Monitor and Operator Monitor. Fleet Monitor is a web application for managers, schedulers and service managers, while Operator Monitor is a mobile app for crane operators. In practice, these two digital tools help to boost efficiency and productivity by showing not only which equipment is in operation, where and for how long but also how the crane and load can be optimally deployed. They thereby ensure the level of transparency required for optimal capacity utilisation, minimal downtime and, in turn, smooth fleet management.

Smart Boom Control is the name of the new boom tip controller for loader cranes. Thanks to Smart Boom Control, all the operator has to do is specify the direction of movement of the boom tip, while PALTRONIC calculates the necessary movement combination. This makes cranes equipped with Smart Boom Control much easier to operate. At BAUMA, the system will be installed on PK 30.002 TEC 7 for visitors to try out for themselves.

New PCC crawler crane series

Following the world premiere of the PCC 115.002 at the IAA in Hanover, PALFINGER will now be unveiling the new PCC series at BAUMA 2019. The PALFINGER Crawler Crane is a true pioneer, specialising in the most challenging of jobs. Its versatility is apparent even when before it reaches the work site, as the crane and crawler can be transported separately and then combined in different ways during operation. This means that depending on the application, the crane can be either mounted on a truck or operated on its own stabilisers without any need for the crawler. This adaptability ensures both maximum flexibility and maximum performance. Whether on impassable terrain, in urban areas, on large construction sites or in confined industrial or indoor environments, the crane is powerful and flexible and can rise to any challenge.

New TEC and SOLID models

The high-tech TEC cranes offer a large selection of comfort and assistance systems. The polygonal P-profile significantly increases performance while maintaining a low dead weight. Ten new TEC models in the 25–37-tonne-metre class offer all the features of a PALFINGER heavy-duty crane and will be available from 2019. The following cranes will be presented: PK 37.002 TEC 7 (with continuous slewing system), PK 35.002 TEC 5 (with rack and pinion slewing system), PK 30.002 TEC 7 (continuous) with Smart Boom Control (see above) and PK 26.002 TEC 3 (with rack and pinion  slewing system). In addition, with the PK 58.002 TEC 7 prototype, the first ever TEC crane in the 50–60-tonne-metre class will also be unveiled at BAUMA.

Other new models at BAUMA will include the PK 24.001 SLD 6 and PK 21.501 SLD 3 from the SOLID range, which offer outstanding lifting capacity for simple loading tasks. These will be the first SLD cranes in the heavier 20–25-tonne-metre class.

In the heavy-duty crane segment, PALFINGER will be showcasing the PK 135.002 TEC 7. Thanks to its outstanding ratio of lifting capacity to dead weight, this model specialises in heavy loads and tasks that require long outreach. Its diverse range of applications includes everything from heavy-duty jobs through to intricate installation work.

Electrification at PALFINGER

With the P 370 KS E, PALFINGER is launching the first ever electrically operated access platform. This premium-class platform is quiet, efficient and emissions-free, making it ideal for night-time and indoor work as well as for use on construction sites in urban areas. At the heart of this pioneering access platform is an intelligent energy management system that ensures the smooth interaction of components such as the electric motor with hydraulic pump and the integrated battery charging system. The P 370 KS E combines a diesel drive system with an electric drive system, which means that it offers the performance and service life of a diesel engine at low operating costs.

Also set to be presented at BAUMA 2019 is the concept of the PK 18502 SH loader crane, which can be operated not only with a plug-in electric drive but also fully autonomously with a battery pack.

The new access platforms from PALFINGER

For the first time ever in the history of PALFINGER access platforms, we will be showcasing a selection of models from the entire global platform portfolio.

User-friendliness is the hallmark of the Light class NX, which will be represented at BAUMA by two new models: the P 220 BK and P 280 CK. These two Light class NX models, which are designed for use in municipal applications and can be operated by anyone holding a standard driving licence, feature an impressive range of operator assistance systems that enable flexible outreach calculation (LMB), high basket loads (300 kg), easy stabiliser control at the vehicle base and, as a result, almost completely intuitive operation. The P 180 BK is also now available.

With the P 130 A, PALFINGER has brought the Smart class to the pick-up – with a maximum working height of 13 metres, a maximum lateral outreach of 6.30 metres and a total weight of 3,200 kg. Since the model is extremely user-friendly and learning how to operate it is no trouble at all, it is perfect for the rental market.

With the P 200 AXE, PALFINGER has developed an extremely compact design for access platforms in the Smart class. At a gross weight of 3.5 tonnes and with a length of just 5.39 metres in the transport position, this is the perfect solution for tight spaces.

It was at BAUMA 2016 that PALFINGER unveiled the P 150 AJTK, demonstrating just how easily access platforms can be deployed even on crawlers. Now, PALFINGER is presenting the biggest platform in the Tracked class: the P 250 AJTK, which is designed for working heights of up to 25 metres and rounds off the range. Its compact dimensions make it ideal for sites that are hard for truck-mounted platforms to access. Meanwhile, since the crawlers function independently, the platform is easy to manoeuvre on muddy or uneven terrain. An additional electric variant is ideal for enclosed spaces such as shopping centres, stadia and churches because it produces zero emissions.

Other highlights in PALFINGER's platform portfolio include the new insulated lifting platform with an outreach of almost 14 metres. These are already being successfully deployed by a number of energy supply companies and, thanks to the many optional features available, they can be very easily adapted in line with highly specialised requirements.

PALFINGER offers optimal solutions for the recycling industry

In the hookloader family, the PH T 20 TEC 5 is the first telescopic model to be available in the high-tech TEC 5 version. The innovative PAD-Touch cabin controller combines two control concepts: load-moving tasks are controlled by a compact joystick terminal, while all additional functions are operated via the touchscreen, which can also be connected to an optional rear camera for maximum user-friendliness.

The PH T20 TEC 5 will also be presented for the first time ever with a prototype version of the newly developed Hookloader Vision System (patent pending). This system detects the roller container and semi-automatically steers the articulated arm to the correct take-up position. The PAD-Touch controller touchscreen also makes it easier for operators to control the roller container.

The PH T 20 TEC 5 will be presented at BAUMA in combination with an EPSILON M12L crane. The performance and robustness of the EPSILON M12L means that not only is it ideal for the recycling industry, but it can also be used with clamshell grabbers on construction sites. Mounted on a skip and equipped with hydraulic stabiliser legs that can be slewed through 180°, the EPSILON M12L can also easily be lowered when required. The crane operator can control it not only from the ground, but also, of course, from Masterdrive – a high-tech top seat that is both extremely comfortable and easy to use.

PALFINGER main stand: FN.826/9

PALFINGER access platforms: FS.1304/1