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Penny Hydraulics and Alfa Tail Lifts Partner on Pioneering Healthcare Project

Penny Hydraulics and Alfa Tail Lifts have partnered on a Pioneering project for the Healthcare Industry.

Alfa Tail Lifts were approached by the healthcare industry customer as they required a lightweight and reliable hydraulic loading platform for their van. The van was to be used for the transportation of cancer screening equipment up to 125kg in weight in and out of the rear doors of the Nissan NV200. This lifting equipment was an essential component in the transportation of this state of the art equipment between medical facilities throughout the UK.

The lift needed to be lightweight to keep vehicle emissions low and enable good fuel economy and compact as not to take up unnecessary valuable space in the back of the van. Therefore Penny Hydraulics took the exact dimensions of the cancer screening equipment and designed a bespoke platform to fit the equipment perfectly. The roll on platform toes and stowage features being designed specifically for the lifting and lowering of this equipment.

The loading platform was based on the design of the Penny Hydraulics standard LL250, LoadLift loading platform, it simply had a bespoke platform and was de-rated from 250kg maximum working capacity to 125kg to suit the customers’ requirement.  The lift weighed under 100kg and was supplied with fixed & remote controls with built in overload protection.

The customer’s vehicle is going for further modifications before being put into service. We very much look forward to hearing how the customer gets on in due course.