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Peruzzo SRL: 60 years of history, innovation and made in Italy



This new flail collector mower, combined with a hydraulic lifting rear wheels system, is the ideal configuration for everyday use along with low power and weight compact tractors. The Panther Multifit flail collector mower is equipped with a drawbar accessory designed to facilitate road transport or during the aerating phases while turning. This flail mower can handle collector, wheels and draw bar movements from operator’s seat, thanks to an efficient electro-hydraulic control levers system.

TB 100-C

Born after TB100 success, the new TB 100-C model (where the “C” stands for “tracked”), is characterized by a totally renewed design. Always keeping its small size and its always valid ability to reduce pruning of large diameter (up to 10- 11cm thickness ), it is equipped with a robust drum cutting unit. The Tracks are motorized independently with a Briggs & Stratton of 3.5 HP that allow easy use on any type of rough and slippery ground. Last but not least, the TB 100-C represents an interesting multifunctional solution, turning into a few simple gestures from professional chippers to mini-tracked transporter.


It is an attractive self-propelled radio-controlled flail mower designed to mulch grass, bushes, brushwood and twigs on steep slopes, guaranteeing absolute operator safety. The low gravity center and the robust tracks with a shaped profile, allow the machine to operate with maximum grip on uneven areas up to 55° slope. Consumption is very low as it is powered by 22.5 HP petrol engine, largely sufficient to operate the 900 mm cutting head, where the tracks motion is provided by two powerful brushless electric motors driven by an alternator that recharge the batteries.


It is a self-propelled remote controlled flail mower equipped with full electric engine, both for the advancment and for the cutting head drive, designed to mulch grass, shrubs and brushwood on steep slopes in full respect of the surrounding environment and in total safety. The powerful lithium batteries supplied with ROBOFOX-ELECTRA machine, guarantee a working range of about 4 hours* (depending on the working conditions). This full electric power advantage allow it to be used in urban areas where the machine quietness is essential in order not to disturb people nearby with ecological respect. The battery pack is easily replaceable, allowing in fact to double the working machine autonomy. 

Source: PERUZZO S.R.L.