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PK 78002 SH The Perfect All-rounder

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PALFINGER Loader Cranes - PK 78002 SH, the perfect allrounder!

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Channel name: PALFINGER AG

It is 7:30 in the morning. Today an energy system with photovoltaic modules will be installed on top of a family home in a residential area of Salzburg. The system will produce enough power to fully provide for the entire four-person family. The excitement is in the air!


And now here we go. A MAN 4 axle truck with the impressive PALFINGER large crane PK 78002 SH front mounted and the photovoltaic modules on board is driving down the street. The PERWEIN company is handling the installation work on the roof. They are specialists for roofing and sheet metal work. Crane operator Chri makes sure that the truck is fully stabilized and prepares everything for the lifting operation. In the meantime his colleague up on the terrace is putting on the safety harness in order to prepare everything on the roof for a smooth installation. With PALFINGER’s certified Fall Protection Mode (FPM) on the PK 78002 SH he can safely access the roof and secure himself on the safety hook on the roof. 

As a next step the palette with the photovoltaic modules needs a lift onto the sunny terrace on the 2nd floor and the opposite side of the building. With the rope winch this is an easy job and also the setup of the winch operation is not tricky at all: with PALFINGER’s Comfort Cable Routing! Putting in the pulley head and Chri is good to go again.

Oben am Dach wartet sein Kollege bereits auf die Photovoltaik-Module <br> Image source: PALFINGER AG

Swiftly the palette is seaming to float up into the air and over the roof. The experienced crane operator activates one of many comfort features on his crane, SRC. With the Synchronized Rope Control the control system of the crane ensures a constant space between the hook and the crane tip even though the extension boom system is in movement. “This really makes my job easier because it is one thing less that I need to take care of!”

Chri and his PK 78002 SH are done here and are rushing off to the next construction site. The actual installation of the modules on the roof is handled by his colleagues. Managing Director Michael Perwein is very satisfied with the entire job and explains why he decided for this crane model: “With the low deadweight of the entire truck we have a lot of payload for transporting material. And with the size of this crane it is easy to position an entire glass façade. This crane has extensive outreach so that we can easily lift our material to the top of the roof. This is simply the perfect all-rounder for our work!”