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Popularity of ‘LECTURA Press clip’ for journalists grows every day

LECTURA Press clip - your daily source of machinery news
LECTURA GmbH International, Europe
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LECTURA Press clip - your daily source of machinery news

LECTURA Press introduces a new uncluttered tool which summarizes all industry news from the past day, every day. Continue reading and learn why journalists from more than 60 international publishing houses already use it and how you can start to benefit from our free daily chunk of condensed, up-to-date industry information.

We currently publish 20-30 articles on LECTURA Press per day covering various industries such as construction equipment, agricultural equipment, transport, lifting and access and material handling. Being journalists ourselves, we truly understand how difficult it is to keep track of everything that happens every day in the industry. We used to deal with this issue as well in the past — but not anymore!

Now you can have all the important and interesting information overview concerning the machinery world in one place. We have prepared a free service, which might substantially simplify your work as a journalist. We believe that sharing is caring, so we have created an automated daily press clip — sent via email — with all published news from the past day.

Being up-to-date every day is not solely reserved for journalists, though...

More than 60 journalists currently use our LECTURA daily press clip feeds as a tool for their work and daily source of news from the heavy machinery world. We strongly believe that our time-saving tool is a gadget ideal for everyone who strives to be up to date in the world of heavy machinery on a daily basis.

Sign up for your daily Press clip here and we will make sure that you will not miss any important information. Furthermore, please feel free to spread the Press clip among your colleagues — fellow journalists — to help them keep pace with important news.a sample of LECTURA clip

Why we can and want to do this (for free)

Transparency and the speed of information is deeply rooted in our core philosophy as we process relevant and complete information from multilingual sources, covering numerous machinery categories. Our position as data agglomerator is continuously growing - and so is our team, as we focus on modern webtools and agile processes to make real first-hand information like the “LECTURA Press clip for journalists” freely and conveniently accessible every day. Up to 8 people work hard to establish an unprecedented, seamless information flow with potentially all publishing entities in the market. “Living digital”  is an essential part of LECTURA’s strategy, because we believe in the power of reliable real-time information and data to everyone's advantage.

Source: LECTURA Verlag GmbH; Patrik Eder