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Postpullers Stand no: 460

Postpullers UK Ltd design and manufacture a range of machines for the easy removal of all kinds of posts. From fence posts to street signs, gateposts to motorway barriers, our brand new fleet of machines has something for everyone. Saving hours of back breaking work our machines remove posts with any concrete footing up to 60cm across in less than 2 minutes - no digging or breaking is necessary. Even broken or rotten posts are no problem with the special claw attachment. At Postpullers we also build special purpose machines and attachments to satisfy your specific requirements, we regularly work with clients to produce the best possible end results. All of our machines produce at least 4 tonnes of pulling force, with both manual and powered versions available. Machines are now available for hire nationwide in the UK, and we have plans to make Postpuller’s available for hire across Europe in the future.