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Press article for Samoter 2020

Promove Demolition, after celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2019, joins Samoter 2020 with a progressive expansion on the domestic and foreign market, a growth confirmed by the +20% of turnover that the company has achieved in 2019, result in line with goals and investments.


Promove presents itself today as a full-liner, with a complete range of demolition equipment and aims at the continuous expansion of the product portfolio in order to offer its customers increasingly performing and innovative solutions.

In this edition of SaMoTer, Promove presents all the latest news; new products and new services designed to offer even more value.

Two new breakers: XP600 600kg and XP200 200kg to complete the hydraulic breakers series and in line with the rest of the high-performance pressurized range.

The XP series, increasingly appreciated on the market, boasts the energy recovery system, the anti-blank firing system, the power/ frequency automatic regulation system and the innovative smart valve with the Plug & Play system that allows to install the breaker without having to adjust any settings on the excavator, with significant time/cost savings as well as eliminating future problems such as premature breakages due to extra flow. This system also allows the breaker to be moved to various machines, making it easier to rent equipment.

In recent years, the company has focused on creating a product with very high quality construction and materials, to ensure longevity and to delete or significantly reduce maintenance costs. With this in mind, the three-year extended warranty for small hammers was presented without limitations on hours and maintenance obligations.

Promove has focused strongly on one of the best and fastest sales and after-sales services on the global market. A service that boasts immediate commercial and technical responses within 8 hours and sending of spare parts and interventions within 24/48 hours from the request.

The maximum satisfaction and loyalty of its customers is what has always inspired Promove's vision and for this reason a series of services have been designed to cover all needs and guarantee a big value over time:

  • creating a fleet of rental machines for any need;

  • new products for hire with the possibility of redemption after one / two years;

  • scheduled maintenance program;

  • repurchase of used items at guaranteed price;

  • refurbishment of products with warranty extension

Promove is investing all-around in demolition and this target is reflected in the launch of a new range of fix pulverizers.

A cutting-edge equipment, made entirely of Hardox 400, particularly tough and with a marked resistance to abrasion, conceived as a single block between body and fixed claw, with large cylinders for greater power, equipped with a speed valve to maximize the work cycle, interchangeable teeth and plates, excellent quality / price ratio.

The lower plate on the body has been designed to provide the pulverizer with a secure and stable grip on the work ground, to more easily move debris and non-crushable material.

Furthermore, a new range of sorting crushers from 90 kg up to 13 tons was designed, among the best on the market in terms of quality and construction characteristics.

Finally Promove presents the first of the new range of rotating pulverizers the CR800.

The complete range will soon be available and boasts the following technical features:

  • entirely made of Hardox 400 wear-resistant steel, particularly tough and with remarkable resistance to abrasion;

  • created as a single block between the body and the fixed claw, eliminating welds that would constitute weaknesses of the structure.

  • wider opening of the claws than competitors;

  • high breaking forces;

  • excellent closing / opening speed

  • oversized pins in order to guarantee the maximum possible duration in the most demanding working conditions: they are also protected by a system of bushings which guarantee minimum wear of the pins themselves.

A product that complements the range of multiprocessors of CP series with interchangeable claws, a series that is experiencing great success on the market thanks to its extraordinary characteristics in terms of performance, versatility and strength, with a growth in demand and sales of 60% per year in the past three years.

Today Promove's ambition is to strengthen its position in the secondary demolition and recycling market, with an innovative range, high performance and lower costs, with an eye always focused on continuous improvement and market evolutions.