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Primetals Technologies to modernize LD (BOF) converter for HKM in Germany

  • New trunnion ring to be fitted to converter

  • Converter tilting drive will be overhauled

  • Modernization will extend converter lifetime and increase its availability

Primetals Technologies has won an order from Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GmbH (HKM) to modernize LD (BOF) converter No. 2 in its Duisburg, Germany plant. The project involves fitting the converter with a new trunnion ring as well as modernizing the tilting drive. These measures will help to extend the lifetime of the converter and increase its availability. Primetals will handle the project in a consortium partnership with Buchinger Anlagen-Stahl-Rohrbau GmbH. The order is worth several million euros, and the project is scheduled for start-up in October 2016.


Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann GmbH (HKM) runs an integrated iron and steel works at its Duisburg Huckingen site. The works consists of a port, a sinter plant, a coking plant, two blast furnaces, and two LD basic oxygen furnaces. The steel works has two round-steel continuous casters and three continuous slab casters. HKM is one of the largest iron and steel works in Germany and produces more than 1,000 different grades of steel each year. It produces around twelve percent of the total raw steel output in Germany and has an annual production capacity of some 5.6 million metric tons of steel.

The trunnion ring and tilting drive of the 300 metric ton converter have reached the end of their service lives. Primetals Technologies is responsible for the detail engineering for the modernization work and will overhaul the tilting drive of the converter. It will also supply the trunnion ring, which will be designed for a service life of 30 years and is made by a European manufacturer. Primetals Technologies will replace the bull gear, pinion drive shafts and the gear bearings, as well as supervising the installation, commissioning and restart of the plant.