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Quality counts for Agrichianti’s Hitachi fleet

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Family run company goes for the best in the business

An Italian contractor is relying on a fleet of Hitachi construction machinery to help it prepare the ground for vineyards and planting vines. Agrichianti specialises in earthmoving and landscaping in the heart of Tuscany around Radda in Chianti, under the ownership and management of the Fronti family.

The company has been buying Zaxis excavators from authorised Italian dealer SCAI since the delivery of a ZX210 in 2004. Its current line-up of 14 Hitachi machines includes the: ZX33U-5 and ZX65USB-5 mini excavators; and ZX85USB-3, ZX130-6, ZX160LC-5, three ZX210LCN-5s, ZX210LCN-6, two ZX240LCN‑3s, two ZX240LCN-5s and ZX300LCN-6 medium excavators.

The perfect machines

With many projects, sites and machines to manage, it is vital that Agrichianti has reliable suppliers to meet its needs. “There are three reasons why we buy Hitachi excavators: we like the machines; we have a strong working relationship with SCAI; and we receive an excellent level of support,” explains Fabio Fronti.

“We bought our first Hitachi due to the quality of the brand and the machine. Hitachi excavators are the fastest and most precise for the work that we do, and we consider the Zaxis-5 mini excavators to be our best machines. We’ve tried other excavators and dealers, but have always come back to Hitachi and SCAI.

“In addition, the reliability of the machines is vital, especially for the environment in which we work. The service contracts on the new models and technical support we receive from SCAI are first class. Hitachi excavators are perfect for our work, but in this niche of the market the most important benefit is the service we receive.”

Specialist work

Founded in 1959, Agrichianti’s speciality is preparing soil for planting vines and installing drainage systems. This process involves excavating 1.2m-deep trenches, laying the drainage pipes, and then covering them in stones and soil.

At the same time, another machine digs the soil on each site and removes the larger rocks with the aid of a special bucket. The company is usually working at around 20 different sites in the area and has at least three machines allocated to each project.

“We are renowned for our landscaping work and preparing the ground for the wine companies,” adds Fabio. “We also construct the wine cellars and reclaim the stone to build walls and paths that help to give the countryside its unique charm.”

Source: Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) NV