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Tower Crane MRT152 in Dubai Go to photo
Tower Crane MRT152 in Dubai

Raimondi Middle East erects a MRT152 tower crane on Dubai’s busiest freeway

Raimondi Middle East supplied a six person team for the erection of a MRT152 tower crane in one of Dubai’s most visible thoroughfares. The erection, completed in just six hours, presented a number of challenges, most notably site access. “The access to the jobsite was a challenge due to the main highway, Sheikh Zayed Road, on one side, and residential areas on the other side. Visiting the site, you’ll notice that it’s situated in a very congested area with heavy traffic flow, and it’s flanked by a number of high density residential developments. These residential communities resulted in having a very limited mobile crane radius,” explained Wael Hasan, Middle East Commercial Manager, Raimondi Cranes.

“The location meant that it required significant attention to site planning, together with obtaining specific permits from relevant authorities. We were able to complete this erection in only six hours including the full post-erection procedural assessment. We do this for each crane after erection prior to handing the jobsite over to the client.” Hasan added that the crane’s GR3 tower at a 1.7 meter width adapts easily to urban environments, allowing for its positioning on this jobsite, and that the MRT152’s winches guarantee high speed/load performance.

Raimondi MRT152


The crane will be assisting in the build of a DAMAC sales office under contractor Dar Al Adham Constructions (DAAC). The structure includes two basements, a ground floor and two upper floors, with the crane scheduled to be operating onsite for approximately eight months. “Situated on Sheikh Zayed Road next to prestige retailer Ethan Allen, the crane’s Height Under Hook (HUH) is 38 meters. It’s fitted with the Raimondi Deluxe R16 crane cabin and it is equipped with a 52 meter jib. This can reach a tip load of 2.8 tonnes, more than satisfying this site’s needs.”

The MRT152 will be put to work lifting steel, concrete and other materials as required for the structure’s build. “To effectively service DAAC’s needs, Raimondi’s Technical Team completed the engineering specifications and site planning. We also executed a specialized training session for Dar Al Adham’s crane operators, highlighting the extensive benefits of the Deluxe R16 cabin to better allow them to make use of its advanced features and operator-centric characteristics.”

Source: Raimondi Cranes