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Reliable solution: new generation X point-attack cutting tools from Wirtgen – higher machine availability with lower operating costs

Cutting technology is one of the essential core competences when developing and building cold milling machines; the optimum interaction between milling drum, toolholder and pick is decisive for obtaining a perfect milled result. Wirtgen GmbH therefore attaches particular importance to the continuous further development of all cutting technology components. The newly developed point-attack cutting tools of generation X further enhance the performance and cost-efficiency of cold milling machines. In everyday operation on the job site, that means additional optimization of the milling costs and perfect milled results.


Improved details

"The new cutting tools incorporate practical experience in particular, as well as the feedback obtained from our customers," says Benjamin Grüber, Wirtgen Product Manager Cutting Tools. Many details relating to machine availability and lower operating costs have been optimized in close collaboration with the system partner Betek.

Innovative carbide form for optimum performance

Wear resistance, for instance, has been improved by optimizing the composition of the carbide material. "Having the right mixture of coarse and fine tungsten carbide is important in simultaneously determining both the wear resistance and the breaking strength of the carbide tip," explains Thomas Lehnert, responsible for cutting tool development at Wirtgen. The cylindrical part of the carbide tip is reinforced by the relocation of carbide material in the tool tip, as revealed by the notching at the base. In this way, the intelligent carbide tip ensures higher utilization of the carbide material and maximizes the service life of the pick. Productivity is boosted by around 17% by the prolonged, high penetrating ability.

Distinctive centering cone for optimized rotation

Milled particles penetrating between the toolholder and wear plate always produce an abrasive effect. The centering cone on the bottom side of the wear plate has been increased by 140%, thus reducing the tipping movement of the tool during the cutting process. This reduces the ingress of milled particles and extends the service life of the toolholder in relation to longitudinal wear. 

Reinforced wear plate

The outer edge of the wear plate has been made 75% stronger. This improves protection of the toolholder when milling potentially abrasive asphalt material.

Perfect positioning with Twin-Stop clamping sleeve

The clamping sleeve specially developed by Wirtgen with two stops longitudinally arranged in parallel (Twin-Stop clamping sleeve) ensures limited axial backlash and drastically reduces the risk of deformed sleeves, as well as the number of broken tools. Optimized positioning of the stops in generation X reduces the risk of shafts breaking by a further 45%.

Successfully tested in the field by Kutter

And what do customers say about the new point-attack tools? Their opinion decides whether new or improved developments are truly successful and yield the desired added value. The Kutter company has already tested the new generation X point-attack cutting tools in practice, using them on various cold milling machines from Wirtgen. The conclusion reached by Ernst Lang, Kutter's specialist for wearing parts in Memmingen, after the tests was positive: "The point-attack tools' cutting performance has been optimized and the results are extremely promising. Milling output has been increased in difficult paving conditions and the pick changing intervals optimized." 

Customers profit from high machine availability

"Companies can further boost their machine availability with the new point-attack cutting tools and complete their projects even more cost-effectively overall," says Grüber. Generation X is available on the market now.

Source: Wirtgen GmbH