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Remote controlled trucks, reality in industrial quality

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Control remoto a distancia de un camión grúa

VIDEO SOURCE: Anmopyc. In YouTube [online]. Available at:
Channel name: Tele Radio España

Wirelessly controlled toy cars that make many children happy, have become the reality for drivers of heavy vehicles. The Tele Radio PUMA makes difficult-maneuvering situations child’s play.


PUMA is a highly advanced radio remote control system from Tele Radio that can be custom programmed for any truck or other type of motor vehicle. 

With a remote the user has full control over a heavy vehicle, such as a truck, while he is outside the cab. This way the user has more flexibility and overview of the situation which increases the safety around the truck. Apart from safety, a remote control also offers work efficiency; one person using a remote control can perform the work of two persons.

The truck in the video is a Volvo Veinsur truck, model FMX 540 10 × 4, equipped with a PALFINGER PK 200002 L SH High Performance loading crane. This truck has been delivered to Transgruas J. Salavedra. 

The PUMA system connects directly to the CAN network of the truck enabling Exster features from the remote, allowing for a quick and easy installation. If desired, this solution can be customized so that it is possible to control the crane from the same transmitter too. 

The PUMA control system is custom programmable to the customer needs. Functionalities such as driving forwards and backwards, stopping and turning, lights on/off, etc. are no problem at all. As a safety measure, this truck has a speed limit of 10 km/h when remote controlled. 

Volvo Reus Fleming was the first Volvo dealer to bring the above mentioned technology to the Spanish market. Other leading dealers from the country such as Volvo Veinsur, are also following this innovative development and offering their customers similar applications. The same is happening in many other European countries. 

Tele Radio provides this and other wireless solutions to almost any country in the world.

Source: Anmopyc