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Road transport made simple with the EuroCompact

  • Shorter, lighter, more powerful: the EuroCompact semi-trailer stands out through optimal overall length/loading length and payload/dead weight ratios

  • Smart Axle add-on bogie for flexible adaptation to load and route

  • Payloads from approx. 30 to 115 tonnes

The EuroCompact is a weight and length-optimised semi-trailer which is ideally suited for transport assignments up to approx. 115 tonnes thanks to its versatile range of combination possibilities. Among other things, the all-rounder transports construction machinery, transformers, plant components or other heavy equipment.


The EuroCompact U5 is being presented at bauma 2019 and makes a convincing case with a centre distance of 1,500 mm. This makes the vehicle ideally suited for tackling difficult road conditions in times of problematic infrastructures.

International transport specialists are facing new challenges such as increasingly stringent road traffic licensing regulations. With the new EuroCompact U5 from Scheuerle, the modern transport company can master these challenges with ease. The U5 model facilitates significantly easier approval procedures for transportation assignments. The unmatched dead weight/payload ratio and the most compact design in this segment offer heavy-duty specialists competitive and cost advantages. Low wear, a deck with a particularly low loading height and excellent manoeuvrability through optimised steering and large steering angle round off the product and make it an indispensable component of the construction industry.

Furthermore, the EuroCompact is also available in a range of designs: from 1+3 axle, 2+4 axle and 3+5 axle combinations through to 4+6 axles. The additional Smart Axle dolly allows a tailored configuration to suit both the load and selected route. For example, a basic combination of 2+4 can be varied by coupling a SmartAxle to the rear and front bogie units to create 2+5, 3+4 or 3+5 combinations.

Efficient and cost-effective

Thanks to the intelligent design of the coupling points, the EuroCompact has more deck length/loading length in proportion to the combination length than is usually the case in the market. The low dead weight with a simultaneous high payload makes the compact road vehicle efficient and cost-effective. This means fewer axles with the same payload compared to the competition. The EuroCompact can accommodate a fifth wheel load of up to 26 tonnes.

Wide range of possible combinations

A broad selection of excavator, slab or frame decks as well as a large range of accessories supplement the product portfolio. Due to the wide variety of types and the low maintenance costs, the EuroCompact is the efficient solution for all transport tasks.

Source: Volvo Construction Equipment