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Rounding Things Out: SCHOLPP Picks Up Demag® AC 300-6 and Demag® AC 700-9 All Terrain Cranes

SCHOLPP Kran & Transport GmbH is expanding its large-crane fleet: The company already has a Demag® AC 500-8 all terrain crane and other units in its fleet, and has now followed that with two new cranes from the same manufacturer – namely, a new Demag AC 300-6 and AC 700-9. “We’re tremendously happy with the AC 500-8’s performance and reliability. And the two new cranes are, in a way, a continuation of that, which is why we decided to expand the lifting capacity range of our Demag cranes one class up and one class down from the AC 500-8,” explains managing partner Martin Scholpp, who picked up the new AC 700-9 together with SCHOLPP Stuttgart Regional Manager and Head of Operations Stephan Burkhardt. The crane was handed over by Sales Manager Michael Zieger. The AC 300-6 will be delivered to SCHOLPP in April.


SCHOLPP will use the new cranes primarily to handle heavy goods, build bridges, and lift special loads. “The new cranes have short setup times and excellent lifting capacities, making them absolutely perfect for all these applications,” Stephan Burkhardt explains. In addition to its powerful performance characteristics, the AC 300-6’s large main boom length of 80 meters and intelligent IC-1 Plus control system were what convinced him. And the AC 700-9 also features these advantages, not to mention that Martin Scholpp believes that there is no serious alternative to it on the market. He mentions the counterweight detection and fall protection systems as outstanding features on the new cranes: “One thing that is absolutely crucial to me is that our employees remain safe when setting up and disassembling our cranes, and Demag cranes have really raised the bar when it comes to that,” he emphasizes. And with so much enthusiasm for the new machines, it is no surprise that the General Manager and Regional Manager jumped on the opportunity to personally take their new cranes for a spin at the Terex plant premises, with Martin Scholpp choosing the AC 700-9 and Stephan Burkhardt the AC 300-6.


Source: Terex Cranes