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RTH 5.25 SH AND RTH 6.35SH

RTH 5.25 SH AND RTH 6.35SH


Last May 2017, we lunched on the market the new model RTH 5.21 SH, RTH 5.23 SH, RTH 5.25SH, RTH 6.26 SH, RTH 6.30 SH, RTH 6.35 SH and RTH 6.39SH. These models represent the evolution of the previous Smart S and S models, this upgrade particularly concerns the increase in machine capacities that was obtained by working mainly on two macro components: stabilizer and boom. For stabilizers we thought on the best way to make the structure more resistant, therefore we developed new stabilizers with an increased section made of high elastic limit steel to achieve a better lifting capacity. Following the same concept also the boom material has been upgraded to a better high elastic limit and holes has been applied to the structure: o To achieve better capacity o And make the maintenance easier On all these models, these enhancements guarantee improved capacities of 30 – 40% in comparison to the previous models; and thus being among the most attractive models on the market compared to the competitors.

All cab comfort and standards will be standard as they are common to all of our RTH range:

  • Rotation 360°

  • standard air conditioning

  • pressurized cab with inlet air filtration 100%

  • Touch screen display with integrated diagnostics

  • Electrical system in CAN BUS

  • Hydraulic Load Sensing Circuit (350 bar)

  • Automatic Attachments Recognition

  • Automatic leveling