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RTH 8.25 SH and attachments

RTH 8.25 SH


This is the rotating telescopic handlers with the highest capacity in the world; it is made on the chassis of 35/39 m machine but major structural components have been reinforced to achieve this result. This machine is particularly suitable for construction market (buildings made by wood, steel and concrete prefabricated elements), maintenance and construction of industrial plant, infrastructures and public works.

This high performing model can lift 5.3 ton at 25 m height and 1 ton at 21 m reach; these performances are even more astonishing if we think of its very compact dimension and the weight of just 24 ton.


Apart standard attachments (basket, winches, forks, jibs with winch) we designed a line of special attachments I order to fulfill specific needs.

Romastor Forks: is a 2.5 ton capacity for with the possibility to rotate +/-90°. This allows the customer to perform many activities in tight spaces where the machine can’t be moved by combining the rotation of the turret and the one of the forks.

Platform for glasses installation: this is a 500kg capacity basket with a +/-90° rotation. This basket is extendable from 2.3 m to 4.7 m. On the basket is fitted a 500kg crane with a vacuum system hooked to it. The vacuum attachment can be fitted both in vertical ad horizontal position and has adjustable arms.

Asbestos platform: this platform has 1 ton capacity and the possibility to extend its floor to stock big quantities of asbestos. Each one of the two operators can come out from the driving position without any risk thanks to the hanging safety lines. The concept beyond the basket is that the operators don’t need to handle the asbestos directly because pallets can be placed directly on the basket and the asbestos can be laid there with a forklift.