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RUTHMANN BLUELIFT SA 11 P: The world’s most compact tracked access platform with jib-LIFT function

RUTHMANN Italia’s SA 11 P spider lift access platform – developed in close collaboration with an English Facility Management shopping mall operator – has a very special feature. With the innovative “jib-LIFT function”, the operator can carry out tasks from top to bottom (up to 1 m below floor level) without any degree of difficulty. Because of its compact dimensions and low weight, this access platform can easily be maneuvered through multi-storey buildings in standard freight elevators. This all-rounder is ideal for shopping centers, airports, hotels, and other multi-storey buildings. The SA 11 P has been rigorously tested on real work assignments for over a year now.


RUTHMANN – together with an English shopping-mall operator – recognized the amazing potential of a tracked access platform, specifically designed for multi-level buildings. In shopping centers, hotels, etc. regular installation, cleaning, and decoration assignments are often carried out on indoor balconies. For this type of work, the SA 11 P with its innovative jib-LIFT function, is the perfect solution.

With the jib-LIFT function – the latest highlight in the spider lift segment – operators will be able to work from top to bottom on glass surfaces, handrails and indoor balconies. In terms of occupational safety, the new jib-LIFT function facilitates a safer working environment for decorators, installers, etc. With the lift attached to the jib, the work basket can be lowered up to 1 m below floor level. The SA 11 P is stabilized on the floor of the respective balcony. The jib can then be maneuvered over the handrail and lowered to 1 m below the floor level (the floor on which the access platform is positioned). This allows work to be carried out on the outer surface of the balcony in the safest and most convenient way imaginable.

Regular assignments in shopping centers normally require larger, more cumbersome work platforms to be positioned on the ground floor. The work platform must then be extended/maneuvered upwards one floor at a time in order to perform the necessary work on the indoor balconies. Due to the large stabilizing area on the ground floor, normal business activities are severely restricted. The ultra-compact SA 11 P allows decorative, cleaning, installation, and maintenance work to be performed in a much more space-saving and uncomplicated manner. Operators can conveniently transport the access platform to the respective floor and simply let the jib-LIFT function maneuver the work basket over the railing. This saves a considerable amount of time and money because the SA 11 P does not interfere with normal day-to-day business activities.

The SA 11 P is also perfect for shopping malls because of its minimal weight – just 1,295 kg (without the jib-LIFT unit) – and because of its ultra-compact dimensions. The work basket and jib-LIFT unit can easily be detached and reassembled by just two people. No tools required! After the work basket has been removed, the jib-LIFT function is detached/attached automatically through hydraulic/electric quick-release fasteners. The jib-LIFT unit is transported on a special chassis while the work basket is transported on its own castors. In retracted/transport position, the SA 11 P is only 0.84 m wide, 2.36 m long, and 1.95 m high.

An additional highlight: Because of its ultra-compact dimensions, the SA 11 P can easily be transported from one floor to another on any standard-size (2 m x 1.4 m x 2.4 m, 1.3 t capacity) freight elevator.

In addition to the special features of the jib-LIFT function and compact dimensions that allow the access platform to be transported from floor to floor in elevators, the SA 11 P also has impressive performance capabilities for everyday assignments. Due to the 200 kg basket load capacity and generous 1.3 m x 0.7 m x 1.1 m dimensions, a person can comfortably carry out tasks from within the work basket with plenty of space left over for tools and material. Although very little space is required to stabilize the

SA 11 P – just 2.72 m x 2.41 m – it has a working height of 10.8 m and lateral outreach of 6.2 m. Putting up displays inside the shopping mall or pruning trees outside, for example, has never been easier.

The BLUELIFT SA 11 P is equipped with a standard, time-tested “Blue-Lithium” battery-powered motor. The highly-efficient electric motor is quiet and odor-free. These features are unbeatable, especially when working indoors during regular business hours. The battery scores the best possible results in terms of longevity and performance (6-8 hours of continuous operation).

As on the eight other RUTHMANNBLUELIFT models, the SA 11 P features sophisticated standard and optional equipment.


Source: Ruthmann GmbH & Co. KG