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RUTHMANN conjures up T 480 "like a rabbit out of a hat"

Just over two years ago, RUTHMANN’s first model of the HEIGHT performance-series – the STEIGER® T 460 – made its debut. Since then an entire series of HEIGHT performance machinery has emerged. There are now a total of 6 exciting models (with working heights from 38 m – to 72 m) to choose from. Over 100 units have now been sold to satisfied customers across Germany and around the world – quite possibly a new sales record for the entire industry.

At this year’s APEX trade show in Amsterdam, other manufacturers announced their version of models in the “maximum performance on a 2-axle truck” category. RUTHMANN, however, anticipated market trends well in advance and the strategic development of the T 480 is a reflection of this insight. Towards the end of last year, RUTHMANN announced plans to add two more models to its HEIGHT performance series in 2014. RUTHMANN is now showcasing the first of these models – the innovative new T 400 – which is celebrating its world premiere at the APEX trade show. APEX is also the sales kick-off event for the brand new T 480.

RUTHMANN now offers maximum performance capabilities on a 2-axle chassis with 48 m working height. The APEX trade show also coincides with the sales launch of the new T 480.

With the T 480, prospective customers can now acquire the highest-reaching STEIGER® that RUTHMANN has available on a 2-axle truck in the successful HEIGHT performance series. Of course, every industry expert knows that when it comes to large-scale machinery, there is more to consider than just performance capabilities. Design and technological developments, that have firmly established themselves in the market, are also very important. Quality, performance, and service must live up to customer expectations. If the prospective customer is then also able to choose from a wide range of models with many identical components, it becomes increasingly clear why RUTHMANN is a cut above the rest.

All of these major advantages, coupled with the excellent price-performance ratio, have led to the enormous success that RUTHMANN enjoys today.  All major rental companies are now on RUTHMANN’s list of references which confirms the high level of customer satisfaction.

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More innovative developments are on the way as two brand new models – the STEIGER® T 230 and T 190 – are scheduled to make their debut in the summer of 2014. Both innovative new models, introduced for the very first time at the APEX trade show in Amsterdam, feature outstanding performance capabilities. Both models can now be ordered, effective immediately.






RUTHMANN customers can look forward to further surprises in the autumn of 2014.

Source: Ruthmann GmbH & Co. KG