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GERKEN’s versatile and top-performing ECOLINE 230 in action. Go to photo
GERKEN’s versatile and top-performing ECOLINE 230 in action.

RUTHMANN ECOLINE 230 made its world debut at the Platformers’ Days trade show

Key points at a glance:

  • New ECOLINE model with impressive performance capabilities: 23-m working height with a lateral outreach to 17 m

  • EURO 6, 3.5-t chassis – multi-chassis compatibility

  • State-of-the-art RUTHMANN engineering

  • Many features of the premium STEIGER® series now also available in the popular “low budget” ECOLINE segment

RUTHMANN showcased its newest ECOLINE development at the Platformers’ Days 2018 trade show. The ECOLINE 230 is a truck-mounted aerial work platform with a rigid telescopic system. The price-performance ratio is second to none. It has a 23-m working height and an enormous lateral outreach of up to 17 m. Like so many other RUTHMANN innovations, this work platform can be mounted onto a variety of different chassis in High-performance work platforms on 3.5-t trucks are gaining in popularity. In order to fully satisfy customer wishes, RUTHMANN has geared its brand-new ECOLINE 230 to the product design/development of its premium STEIGER® series.

The ECOLINE 230 has a convenient basket accessibility. The steps at the side of the basket facilitate upright, ergonomic, and safe entry into the work basket.


The ECOLINE 230 can, for example, easily carry out assignments in cramped, inner-city residential areas because of its compact dimensions. The new model is just 7.77 m long and less than 3 m high. The ECOLINE 230 features a working height of 23 m and has a generous basket load capacity of 250 kg. With a 100-kg basket load, the unit can still attain a lateral outreach of 16.9 m.

The ECOLINE 230 is the perfect all-rounder, making it very appealing to a wide range of customers. As the first purchaser of the ECOLINE 230, Gerken is looking forward to the excellent price-performance ratio. This exciting new model is destined to join Gerken’s expansive rental lineup as soon as the Platformers’ Days trade show in Hohenroda, Germany draws to a close.

Performance capabilities of this magnitude are only possible with state-of-the-art product design and material technology. That is why RUTHMANN focused on the engineering features of its premium products throughout the development process. The telescopic boom system of the ECOLINE 230 is made of high-strength, fine-grained steel and is multi-beveled, providing major benefits in weight and stability.

Another advantage of the ECOLINE 230 is the convenient basket accessibility. The steps at the side of the basket facilitate upright, ergonomic, and safe entry into the work basket.

Operators may also be pleased with the control-technology modification. This is the first time that the hardware of the RUTHMANN COCKPIT (control panel on models in the STEIGER series) is also being utilized on an ECOLINE work platform. The identical controls are a major convenience for both STEIGER® and ECOLINE 230 operators.

“Professionals at work” stands for state-of-the-art RUTHMANN engineering

Despite the many premium features, RUTHMANN is able to offer the ECOLINE 230 at a very reasonable price. This exciting new model is perfectly suitable for a wide range of assignments (tree maintenance, building façade cleaning, etc.), making it ideal for equipment rental companies and independent contractors. Magnificent performance capabilities lead to higher rental income and a wider variety of application possibilities. The acquisition and operating costs are low. The ECOLINE 230 is a bona fide profit booster in the fleet. State-of-the-art RUTHMANN engineering is also reflected in the 2 x 90 ° hydraulic basket rotation device, indicator lights for accurate/safe stabilizing procedure, and support variations. The industry can look forward to completely new and ultra-modern RUTHMANN engineering.

Other advantages of the new ECOLINE 230 model include its many technical features such as the patented "EASY-Stabilizing-System" (standard equipment in the series) and optional "Secondary Guarding System.”

The “Secondary Guarding System” protects operators from crushing hazards.

EASY Stabilizing System

By activating just one lever, the rear support unit is evenly extended to balance the longitudinal tilt of the vehicle. The second lever is then activated to level the vehicle crossways.


The “Secondary Guarding System” is designed to prevent serious entrapment injuries at the job site. A rubber pressure-sensing bar in front of the control panel is a secondary safety feature that upon activation, immediately stops all controlled movements of the work platform. It is only activated when pressure is applied. The pressure will instantly halt all movements. The work platform then automatically moves in the opposite direction of the previous movements. Should the pressure on the sensor bar continue, i.e. due to an entrapped operator, an audible alarm will sound to alert others.

Source: Ruthmann GmbH & Co. KG