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Sarens Group and Sinotrans Heavy-lift Logistics Co. Ltd. enter into joint-venture agreement

On June 25 Sarens Group, an international leader in heavy lifting and engineerd transport of Belgian origin, andSinotrans Heavy-lift Logistics Company, a subsidiary of the leading government-owned Chinese integrated logistics company Sinotrans & CSC Group, enter into a joint-venture partnership. The goal of this joint-venture is to provide Chinese customerswith the most efficient and optimal solutions for their heavy lifting and engineerd transportation needs.


Sarens Group and Sinotrans Heavy-lift company decided to bundle forces and establish a joint-venture company "Sinotrans Sarens Logistics Co., Ltd." registered in Shanghai.

The strong enthusiasm to cooperate is on the one hand founded on Sarens' awareness of the enormous potential and demand on the Chinese engineering logistics market.  On the other hand it is founded on the complementarity of Sinotrans' network of overseas engineering logistics with Sarens' major international market. This complementarity and both companies' broad business network will allow Sinotrans Sarens Logistics to develop a joint market, shared management and advanced technologies.

Sinotrans Sarens Logistics will mainly focus on large engineering logistics projects and more in particular modular offshore projects. The current swift to pre-assembled modular construction and the implementation of the Chinese 'offshore equipment project plan' indicated the beginning of a new development on the Chinese modular offshore market. Modular offshore transportation requires specific skills and experience as the process for moving modules continues to grow in detail and complexity. The new venture is devoted to provide high quality integrated heavy lift and transport services and offer a one-stop service in engineering logistics projects to satisfy the specific demands of high-end projects and customers worldwide.  To realize this Sinotrans Sarens Logistics will purchase a total of 180 axles SPMTs (self-propelled modular trailers) and train highly capable staff to provide reliable, efficient, effective and advanced engineerd transport solutions.

The companies' extensive network of customers combined with their equipment resources will enable Sinotrans Sarens Logistics to compete for large high-end and heavy-lift engineering projects. Also safety will be further improved by the supply of highly qualified staff as both companies attach great importance to training and expertise.

Wim Sarens, CEO Sarens Group comments: "Until recently Sarens Group was mainly involved in projects with non-Chinese customers due to policy constraints and market barriers which many foreign companies experience. The new initiative by President Xi Jinping "One Belt and One Road" creates new opportunities for China to open up and connecting Asia's economic belt with Europe's economic belt. Finding a complimentary Chinese partner was a consistent next step for us. Eventually a partner was found in Sinotrans Heavy-lift Logistics, a suitable partner to guide us into the Chinese market because of its strong brand and large domestic market share. We are confident that the venture between Sinotrans and Sarens is the bright start of a shining future for both companies."